Understand your customers’ new behaviors in order to design and deploy powerful omnichannel buying platforms.

The challenges of e-commerce: deliver value at each step of the buying journey

Commerce is undergoing a profound change.

In both the B2B and B2C sectors, customers are now present in numerous channels and adopting ever more elaborate behaviors. In 2020, the COVID-19 crisis and restrictions on access to physical networks led retail players to make digitalization and online commerce a central part of their strategies. In certain sectors (such as food and culture), and for certain brands, there was a huge boom in online sales. The same trend can be seen in B2B channels: the digitalization of purchasing in industry and growth of selfcare is a telling sign.

In order to provide a unified commerce experience for your customers and increase your market share in online sales, you need a reliable e-commerce platform and comprehensive product data. You also need to offer an attractive and efficient user experience throughout the customer journey.

Points of sale should not be neglected. Sales staff need to be equipped with digital tools to better meet customer expectations and generate additional business with 360-degree knowledge of your customers and products.

  • How can you reinvent yourself to build a unified digital ecosystem and get the best out of digital commerce?
  • How can you come up with a seamless customer experience?
  • How can you design and build a unified commerce platform?
  • How can you improve traffic generation and conversion on your B2C e-commerce website?
  • How can you meet the need to digitalize your B2B business processes?

Our approach

In a highly competitive environment, SQLI helps retail, luxury and industry players maintain a strategic advantage by combining the best of design and technology. We assist our clients throughout the life cycle of their projects, in order to limit their pain points and help them meet the challenges they face.

Whether it’s in a B2B or B2C environment, we create holistic experiences, focused on emotion and value at each step of the user journey. We cover various areas of expertise: change management, consultancy, UX/UI, analytics, digital marketing, content, mastery of solutions and “APIzation”.

We design and develop e-commerce websites built on market-leading technology foundations, such as SAP CX, Adobe Commerce (Magento), Optimizely and Oracle CC, which offer the upgradeability needed to seize tomorrow’s opportunities.

“We decided with SQLI to opt for the Spartacus storefront, a headless SAP technology. SQLI is also going to help us to optimize our processes to increase efficiency and speed, guaranteeing our sales growth. I can definitively say that SQLI is our long-term digital strategy partner.”

Reto Aeschbacher Marketing Manager, SCOTT Sports

Our e-commerce experts help you get the best out of digital, to stimulate your growth and revenue. Our teams can assist you from the definition of your digital strategy to selection and deployment of the e-commerce solution that best meets your aims, design of online products and services based on a user-centric approach, performance monitoring and indicator deployment.

If you would like to industrialize the implementation of your e-commerce strategy and externalize the production of your projects, SQLI has nearshore and offshore service centers in France, Morocco and Mauritius. With industrialization, you can optimize your investments over the long term, combine the various digital skills required in a single partner and guarantee the time-to-market of your applications.


Our products and services

SQLI brings its vision to define the best digital commerce strategy, establish a roadmap, and align your company’s various departments, while securing your ROI
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Built with state-of-the-art technology, our frameworks offer everything you need to run a modern e-commerce site while retaining room to scale and grow 
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Consulting, designing and implementing enterprise-scale architectures and solutions
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Implementation, integration and management services and support for a stable, reliable, and future proof commerce platform
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The product experience is a key success factor for converting customers, highlighting your brand and standing out from the competition. Implementing a PIM or DAM solution, and getting it to communicate with other tools, is one of the challenges our experts can help you meet.
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We can help you define the right strategy and commercial approach, and provide the technology required to compete, be noticed and succeed in marketplaces.
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The brand experience should be unified across all channels, particularly in stores. Digitalization of your point of sale helps improve the experience of both the consumer and sales staff, allowing them to provide personalized assistance to customers.
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Understand your brand, create a strategy that fits your budget and needs and get your campaigns live
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