Change management

Many of the digital tools implemented within companies are used very little, however relevant their features or modern their technologies may be. The cause? The lack of a real change management approach when these tools are implemented.

Launching a new digital tool requires users to change their habits, call certain practices into question, or even adopt a new mindset. Adopting a new tool and using it optimally is not natural at all—and this is perfectly normal! By adding a change management plan to your digital technology project, you increase your chances of success and optimize your ROI. This means implementing governance, a concrete change action plan, perhaps training, if necessary, and, above all, a communications plan.

We are recognized experts in communication plans

Communications is the key to a successful approach to change management. It allows you to promote your digital project, improve its visibility, encourage take-up and understanding, and facilitate its rollout in a “complex” environment (over multiple entities, for example). Our consulting directors and creative teams have implemented many communications plans for successful digital initiatives at prestigious companies such as Bioderma, Enedis, Airbus, Seb, and a major player in jewelry.

A concrete, milestone-based approach

Our goal is to offer change support plans that are tailor-made to our clients and fit their problems and their vision. Our approach relies on an assimilation of their company culture and organization, which then leads us to align the various stakeholders on the same goal. Then, we use proven theoretical models to build a concrete transition management plan with key steps and aspects that drive success.

Comprehensive support

Our consulting division works hand-in-hand with technical teams to help our clients prepare for change in their digital technology projectsas early as possible. Our multidisciplinary teams combine their expertise in design, UX, digital marketing, technology and consulting to create digital systems that are focused on end users’ needs.

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