Digital responsibility

Pressure to build a better world for all is stronger than ever. The call for action from scientists is rising, consumer demand for more transparency, responsibility and sustainability is exploding and companies are increasingly being forced to prove their commitment and contribution to the environmental, social and economic aspects of our society.


In the meantime, digital is everywhere and has left an indelible mark on all aspects of our lives and society. It is undoubtedly one of the greatest transformative forces of our time and brings new hope to delivering on  global sustainability goals. It also has a whole bunch of new challenges of its own: digital carbon footprint, rarefaction of raw materials, the digital divide and inequality of access, cybersecurity, data privacy & ethical use of data and more.

How can we leverage digital as a force for good, instead of as a weapon of mass destruction?


Our Value Proposition

To meet this challenge, we are convinced that it is essential to:

  • Ensure to do the right thing by adopting a human-centric approach, starting from evidence-based critical human needs.
  • Designing solutions with the right balance between high & low-tech, human ethics and inclusion in mind.
  • Adopt a lean / low-to-zero waste approach to avoid unnecessary features and code as the most effective way to reduce waste is to not create it in the first place, even in digital.
  • Adapt all aspects of the digital lifecycle from product management, UX-UI design and content management to front & back-end development and hosting.

By combining our strategic, human-centric and technological know-how, our team of consultants can support you in shifting towards a more sustainable and responsible digitalization.


Our Services


Although digital is responsible for more than 4% of global greenhouse emissions, there is very little awareness about the sustainable impacts of digitalization.

Through collaborative workshops and keynotes, we can help you understand the impact of digital technology on the environment and society and encourage discussions about key solutions to reach more sustainable practices in digital.


Digital Sobriety Audit

Thanks to a comprehensive analysis of all your digital assets and activities, we can give you a clear picture of the environmental impact of your digital activities as well as opportunities to reduce its footprint.


Sustainable Digital Strategy

We can support you in translating your global & CSR strategy into a clear digital strategy & roadmap that will help you achieve your sustainable goals, while limiting or reducing the impact of your digital activities.


Circular Design Thinking

We can support you in designing new products, services and business models with circular economy principles in mind to accelerate sustainable innovation and tackle your most impactful business challenges.


Sustainable Digital Design & Lifecycle management

Adopting sustainable practices impacts the entire digital lifecycle so you can define, implement, measure and improve your digital footprint. Our team of consultants can support you in integrating sustainable & responsible practices into your digital activities from green product & project management, website eco-design, web accessibility, green IT, data ethics, green hosting and more.


Our Methodologies & Tools

Circular Design, Circulab Toolbox (Business Model Canvas, Value Chain Canvas, Partner Map), R.G.A.A., WCAG, Systemic Design and so much more!

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