When global marketplaces like Amazon launch on your local markets they will provide new, exciting possibilities, but it also means that you as a retail player will have to face fierce competition that was not there moments ago.

According to Forrester, 65% of the total B2C sales done online will happen via marketplaces in the year 2022. Furthermore, almost 50% of all product related searches will be done via Amazon or via the Amazon product results found on Google. Obvious to say, having the right strategy, a commercial way of thinking and the technology needed in place to be able to successfully compete and be noticed on marketplaces will be crucial to your success.

What to do

As an e-commerce player you now know how to act fast, find your own path in this new commerce playing field and start thinking of how your sales on Amazon et al will work in the future, if you are not already present there. We at SQLI are always ready to help you drive even more sales by including marketplaces in your channel mix in a smart way. Maybe you want some quick help to take your first steps on any of the specific platforms, or perhaps you are looking for a more long term strategy for market places in general? No matter what, we're here to help you.

We will conduct strategy sessions in order to help you define several relevant factors, such as your brand value, expected customer experience and how marketplaces can affect your current business model. We will search for insights on subjects such as how your competitors are acting on marketplaces, finding triggers to make your customers convert and how your brand is contributing to their experience. After this, an analysis from a commercial perspective can be done; choice of products, product research and legal requirements. Finally, a technology session will provide us with an overview of how well your current setup supports sales and marketing on these third party platforms and what can be done to better enhance them, if needed. During this entire strategy phase we will work closely with you in order to define objectives that are actionable, clear and reachable. These objectives, together with a robust strategy on how to achieve them, will guide your company onto a road to success. Once this strategy is clearly defined, we can support you through all individual steps needed in order to successfully launch your product on a marketplace.

Our approach

Status analysis

We start by making an analysis for your specific brand and products in order to get a better overview of your offer in comparison with that of your competition. We analyze search patterns, keywords, positioning and trends in order to get a good foundation to build upon.


Questions like "How do I begin, in practice", "How does the logistics flow work" or "How can my brand gain good visibility on Amazon?" are examples of those that will be answered when we create a strategy together on how to market your products on the actual marketplace. A good strategy also create clear objectives and drive for your marketplace initiative and makes it easier to measure and evaluate your sales.


We help you optimize your marketplace store by evaluating areas connected to advertisement of your products such as SEO, PPC as well as your content such as product images and texts.

Get started!

Drop us a line and we can get together for physical or digital meeting where we can discuss possibilities on for example Amazon, Alibaba or maybe even creating your own marketplace via platforms such as Mirakl. Our first talk is of course always free of charge, just reach out to us via the form below!

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