Business Intelligence & Data Visualization

For high-value applications, data is the raw material. 

For businesses and organizations across the world, efficiently processing this raw material produces substantial value and competitive advantage. 

It's impossible to create highly tailored experiences without a lot of data. It is critical to be able to operate with 100 percent correct and rich data across all channels and processes. 

When it comes to data analysis, SQLI allows you to provide a new experience with customized solutions for your users. To do so, we employ a business, technology, and agnostic strategy that is ingrained in our DNA. From data warehousing to data visualization, we work with you from beginning to end. 


SQLI Capabilities 


Data Engineering 

We transform raw data into relevant information for our clients by implementing data analytics tools, making crucial decision-making processes easier. Our experienced data professionals work with you from start to finish on every successful project, using well-established techniques and cutting-edge technologies. Our data architects can create data structures that are both scalable and flexible. Our data engineers can build end-to-end solutions on all major cloud platforms as well as on-premises, from setting up data platforms to developing data pipelines. 


Data Platform / Warehouse 

We provide consulting services based on our significant experience and technical knowledge to address the many data-related concerns that every organization faces. This expertise, which comes with a long list of references, is a valuable advantage in the present landscape of highly specialized and diverse solutions, ranging from Hadoop distributions to cloud-based data storage and processing services. 


Data Visualization & Self-Service 

Our strategy considers all possible scenarios, allowing your teams to handle their data as they see fit. Exploration, analysis, extraction, preparation, and structuring of data, as well as visualization of data paired with meaningful storytelling and self-service business intelligence, are all available to provide consumers more control. 

Business executives must make strategic judgments on a regular basis while working under tight timelines. Because the business changes in response to problems, these judgments are not easy to make. 

As a result, decision-makers want dashboards that allow them to visualize data at a glance in order to monitor the company's success. They must be able to maintain control, gain autonomy, and give greater communication and clarity in their decision-making with the use of a strategic management tool with constantly updated indications. 

With its Data & Analytics offering, SQLI enables businesses to accomplish just that. 

To accomplish this, our staff masters the most popular technologies on the market, including as Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, and others, in order to provide you with the most appropriate solution for your needs. Our experts attempt to provide appealing, interactive, and visually immersive reports and solutions by following best practices in data visualization. The goal is to provide clearer data so that you can make better decisions that will improve your company's success. 


Data Science 

From decision making to predictive analytics, SQLI assists firms in defining their data vision and strategy. 


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Our SQLI Data team will be happy to assist you with your next data project and share their knowledge in all of these areas.