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The pandemic has accelerated the transformation of work methods. The new uses of Cloud and mobility solutions have shaken up collaboration and communication methods, which must be redefined.

The employee experience is now a core concern for companies that are seeking to make it easier to contribute and share, while creating a community spirit that brings colleagues together. Individual productivity and collaborative efficiency are also major topics, which require the simplification and centralization of tools.

Modern collaborative tools meet these challenges. They promote employee engagement with effective collaboration and communication scenarios. They also make it possible to harmonize uses, thereby offering a simple experience, time savings and increased productivity. They increase organizational efficiency, while facilitating coordination of actions and players.

An approach sharply focused on the employee experience

Each user is a client of the Digital Workplace. It is therefore essential for us to co-design collaborative solutions with the people who will be using them. Right from the project definition stage, we identify user profiles, analyze their needs and behaviors, and establish avenues to explore, while maintaining a sharp focus on optimal value for the end user.


Our priority: the adoption of tools by employees

We assist our clients at all stages of the project in order to ensure its success: promotion of the benefits of tools deployed (Office 365), strategy for the implementation of collaborative and social practices, definition of scenarios and use cases, support for business teams and monitoring of employees as collaborative uses are developed and adopted.


Mastery of technology

We work with Microsoft®, Google and LumApps to design collaborative solutions that provide the functionalities needed for modern uses. SQLI is Gold Microsoft®-certified for its ability to implement cloud service projects, Office 365 solutions and collaborative tools, as well as cloud, decision-making analysis and data viz applications. Our 350 experts (240 certified) carry out up to 100 Microsoft® projects every year. Our Google Workspace expertise division in Toulouse deploys solutions using a low-code approach. With LumApps, we implement collaborative intranets for the use of HR teams and employees.



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