Founded in the United States in 1977, Oracle is the second largest software company, with $39 bn in sales.

Historically known for its databases and application servers, this publisher also provides integrated management solutions for e-business and the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure solution for cloud computing.

  • Second largest application publisher
  • Integrated solutions
  • Omnichannel
  • Cloud

SQLI Group, Partner of Oracle

Since 2015, Oracle has chosen SQLI as a privileged partner for all aspects related to Oracle Customer eXperience (CX). The SQLI Group offers the capabilities in Europe to address issues in the retail and industry sectors, by implementing the entire range of functionalities in the Oracle Commerce Cloud and Oracle Marketing Cloud (Eloqua) environment, in particular concerning B2C and B2B challenges.


In addition to the implementation of Oracle solutions for major European brands, SQLI also helps its clients define their digital marketing and e-business strategy, design customer journeys and optimise their systems’ performance.

  • 1000 e-commerce experts
  • 7 projects completed
  • 15 Oracle experts
  • +6 years of partnership

Why choose Oracle cloud CX?

Designed on a cloud platform integrating the best-performing standards, combined with emerging technologies, Oracle CX offers a comprehensive set of applications for business users, which are accessible to development teams in order to optimise and enrich them. Oracle CX applications are among the most innovative on the market. They offer flexibility, security and consistent performance.


Create innovative customer experiences on a powerful platform

Connect data, processes and applications on a single unified platform. Oracle offers the flexibility you need to integrate your various applications, as well as emerging technologies, to rely on a secure platform and to provide your company with powerful analytics and adaptive artificial intelligence.


Oracle commerce cloud

Increase your customers’ engagement by exploiting all of your transactional data, coordinate and merchandise your sales operations and online sales with ease and an agile approach using Oracle CX Commerce, an Oracle Cloud CX platform module, and create innovative brand experiences that meet the specificities of your business and distribution structure.

Simplify complex systems

Bring products to the market faster by connecting data, workflows and back-office policies with your online e-commerce experience. Bring the most complex products and sales processes online.

Create experiences that meet buyers’ expectations

Use customer data to efficiently offer content and relevant products, and create personalised buying experiences in all channels.

Innovate fast and develop your e-commerce platform

Position your company to meet today’s digital commerce challenges, and prepare for tomorrow’s opportunities with an open and upgradeable platform that adopts an approach giving priority to APIs.


Oracle marketing eloqua

Adaptive campaign orchestration

Create dynamic campaigns that will intrigue buyers and intelligently adapt the experience based on their real-time activities, at each step of the customer journey.

Segment and target with precision

Unite behavioural and firmographic data from multiple sources to create, filter and segment audiences, in order to precisely target individuals with rich customer profiles based on specific attributes, interests and geography.

Prospect management and scoring

Automate lead scoring that updates in real time across various campaigns and business sectors. Improve the preparation of sales with quality leads that can be delivered to the sales team in a matter of minutes.

Asset creation and management

Design and create convincing emails, landing pages and forms that encourage customers to interact with your brand and efficiently manage content resources within teams and campaigns.

Improve the alignment of sales and marketing

Bring marketing and sales closer together through a unified buyer and account intelligence. Identify, prioritise and track high-value opportunities and top-tier accounts throughout the sales cycle.

Measure success

Accurately track and measure the sales impact using detailed marketing reports and dashboards. Oracle Marketing Eloqua provides flexible and powerful reporting that is ready to use, to help you understand exactly how your programs work.

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