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Creating, delivering and optimizing rich and personalized digital experiences by designing and developing websites, digital workplace solutions and mobile apps.

Offering a personalized experience: a major challenge

Most consumers now use more than one channel during their purchasing experience.

Clearly, multiplying points of contact in this way (mainly websites and mobile applications) can harm the customer experience if it is not managed in a centralized way: degraded features on the website’s mobile version, poor synchronization of the customer data gathered over different channels, a lack of a uniform visual identity or inconsistent content between the website and its mobile version, and much more.

  • How can you offer a unified experience between your website and mobile app?
  • How can you personalize the customer experience?
  • What technical solution should you roll out to offer high-quality content in any situation?
  • How can you adapt to users’ needs to build their loyalty?

Our approach

Every day, we work to (re)connect customers with brands and improve employees’ engagement and efficiency.

We design and build sets of solutions that fit your company’s ecosystem, requirements and performance objectives.

We give you the power to create, deliver and optimize rich and personalized digital experiences to serve your customers, employees and partners. At any time. In any place.

“We chose SQLI to be our partner in overhauling our platform. We can clearly see a before and after. The new platform meets the mobile-oriented use expected by users, and also provides a better experience for users browsing, selecting and ordering products. In addition to a considerably improved user experience, we have a stable, robust and sustainable platform.” »

Matthieu Pellet Chief Digital Officer, Intersport

Multidisciplinary teams

We take into account not only your challenges in terms of visibility, development and turnover, but also your organizational constraints while putting the user at the heart of our approach.

Our project teams include specialists in UX/UI, SEO, architecture, web and mobile development, Agile development and testing, so you get complete support that covers all your issues.

  • Scoping
  • Audit and architecture
  • Project management
  • User research
  • UX/UI design
  • Front end, back end and mobile
  • SEO and analytics
  • Webmastering and testing
  • Change management
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The user at the heart of our designs

For us, it is important to involve end users, be they customers, employees or partners, from the very first steps of any project. By combining our know-how in experience design, user experience and change management, we can understand their needs and offer an answer to their concerns.

Thus, web projects are developed using the Design Thinking methodology, co-created by our design teams and technical experts. In addition to placing users at the heart of web projects, this approach has the major benefit of prioritizing and rationalizing developments, steering clear of design choices that will never see the light of day due to their technical unfeasibility.

Our products and services

Designing and developing Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) by combining design experience with technological excellence.
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Implementing collaborative tools designed by and for your employees by combining a perfect understanding of Google and Microsoft® technologies with recognized expertise in change management.
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Design and deployment of user-centric mobile solutions, guiding the mobile strategy according to your overall strategy.
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Setting up a service to monitor the technical and business performance and experience of your web or e-commerce site.
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Developing applications tailored to your specific needs that are not covered by the turnkey solutions on the market.
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