Digital Marketing

Customer journeys have become increasingly digital for every brand as more than half of the globe is connected. The world's interest in digital has only grown in recent years, but there are still certain obstacles to overcome in order to be successful.

Most organizations confront difficulties including disconnected data, partial consumer views, lack of personalisation, and extensive manual orchestration while developing and managing their digital marketing strategy. Most project deadlines are getting tighter, and resources are running out to manage ever more channels and technology.

Our experience demonstrates that strategy and execution are important in addressing digital marketing difficulties and transforming online channels into long-term development drivers, while time to market and cost efficiency are vital for achieving ROI.


Our value proposition

What do we have to offer? We can plan your next digital marketing activations, as well as build and execute them at scale, because our team is made up of thinkers and doers. We plan and execute everything from the creation of a customer lifecycle strategy to the launch of email campaigns, or from an SEO strategic audit to technical execution and multi-market deployment. We want to help you improve the success of your marketing efforts by using the correct strategic approach and a strong focus on performance and web analytics to swiftly measure and iterate on your campaigns, constantly looking for the best strategy. We collaborate on improving efficiency through the development and integration of the correct Martech stack in your digital environment, the streamlining of your marketing campaigns through content factory implementation, and campaign orchestration at scale.

How are we going to deliver? Our in-house and on-premises services are delivered in collaboration with our clients by our skilled consultants. We give speedy time to market mixed with Swiss market experience thanks to a local staff situated in Lausanne and Geneva. We offer nearshore service center solutions managed by our Swiss operations to help you scale your operations and deliver throughout the globe.

Adobe, Oracle, Sprinklr, SAP, and Google are just a few of the marketing solutions that our experts are qualified in.


Our service offer

Digital Marketing Strategic Planning & Consulting

Our consultants assist you in planning your digital marketing efforts and provide advice on how to effectively achieve your business goals:

  • Digital marketing & communication strategy
  • Customer lifecycle management & CRM strategy
  • Operational consulting
  • Platform advisory and POC


Martech Platform

With a fast time to market and nearshore scaling capabilities, we work with the top solutions to provide blueprint or tailored implementation and managed services:

  • Customer data platform
  • Marketing automation platform
  • Web personalization & A/B testing tool
  • Social Media platform
  • Customer care platform


Digital Performances

We help you convert potential customers into clients by optimizing your marketing channels and sales funnel:

  • SEO Audit & consulting
  • SEO migration & technical optimization
  • Content factory (social media, web banners & display, email, copywriting)
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO)
  • Media channel analysis & optimization


Web Analytics

We help you make sense of web data and exploit it to develop validated learnings through tag management, web analytics, and data visualization solutions:

  • Web analytics & tag management for website and mobile projects
  • Data visualization & BI
  • Social Media Listening
  • Data science for marketing use cases (Ex: churn detection model)


Our partner solutions

With major partners that are recognized as leaders in their disciplines, we have acquired significant knowledge and expertise. The following are some of our most important marketing partners:

  • Adobe Experience Cloud
  • Oracle Marketing Cloud
  • SAP Marketing Cloud
  • Sprinklr

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