With a PIM solution from inRiver, you can manage all product-related content (text, image, video, etc.) for all channels, through a single, centralized solution. A PIM-system gives full control over the information and you can work more efficiently and faster in a smarter way.


Happier customers

Let each product tell a story. Clear and structured information facilitates the purchase decision, which in turn gives more satisfied customers. With PIM, you ensure that the customer always encounters the same type of information regardless of channel.


No more mistakes

One of the biggest advantages of PIM is that the system collects and structures all of the information from different places in one place. It will be easier for everyone to find and the room for mistakes will be smaller.


Better "flow" and collaboration 

With all of your information gathered in one place you experience less duplication of work and more time left. It will also be easier to work, meet and collaborate in across teams.