The world of business is changing enormously.  In both the B2B and B2C sectors, customers are now present on numerous channels and adopt increasingly complex behaviors. Because of this, digital is becoming a more essential growth driver and accelerator in this fast-changing market.

Deliver value at each step of the buying journey

The COVID-19 dilemma made digitalization a priority for retail players in 2020, as the access to physical networks was limited. In certain sectors (such as food and culture), and for certain brands, the online sales skyrocketed.  A similar trend can be seen in B2B channels:  the digitalization of purchasing in industry, and the rise in selfcare are telling signs. 

To deliver a unified commerce experience for your customers and improve your market share in online sales, you’ll need a reliable e-Commerce platform and comprehensive product data. Throughout the consumer journey, you must also provide an appealing and efficient user experience. However, the importance of points of sale should not be overlooked. With a 360-degree knowledge of your consumers and products, your sales team needs to be equipped with digital tools to better meet clients' expectations and generate more revenue. 

This involves various areas of expertise: Change management, consultancy, UX/UI, analytics, digital marketing, content, mastery of solutions, and “APIzation”. 

  • How can you reinvent yourself in order to create a unified digital environment and get the best out of digital commerce? 

  • How can you provide a consistent customer experience? 

  • How can you design and build a unified commerce platform? 

  • What can you do to boost traffic and conversions on your B2C e-Commerce site? 

  • How can you meet the demand to digitalize your B2B business processes?  

Focus on emotion

Go holistic

SQLI helps retail, luxury, and industry businesses maintain a strategic advantage in a highly competitive environment. By integrating the best of design and technology, we assist our clients throughout the life cycle of their projects to restrain their pain points and help them overcome the challenges

Whether it’s in a B2B or B2C environment, we create holistic experiences, focused on emotion and value at each phase of the user journey. We develop e-Commerce websites based on market-leading technology foundations, such as SAP CX, Adobe Commerce (Magento) and Oracle CC, which provide the upgradeability required to seize tomorrow’s opportunities. 

"We decided with SQLI to opt for the Spartacus storefront, a headless SAP technology. SQLI is also going to help us to optimize our processes to increase efficiency and speed, guaranteeing our sales growth. I can definitively say that SQLI is our long-term digital strategy partner."

Reto Aeschbacher Marketing Manager, SCOTT Sports

Boost your sales and growth

End-to-end support 

Our e-Commerce professionals assist you in making the most of digital to boost your sales and growth. They help you with everything from defining your digital strategy to selecting and deploying the appropriate e-Commerce system for your needs and deploying performance indicators. 

SQLI helps you to industrialize the implementation of your e-Commerce strategy and externalize project production. With industrialization, you can maximize your long-term investments, combine the numerous digital skills required in a single partner and guarantee the time-to-market of your applications. 

Discover all our e-Commerce services

To assure your company’s growth, digital has become essential. It requires investments and, in some cases, a shift in business strategy. SQLI’s e-Commerce consulting team brings its vision and expertise to define the best digital commerce strategy for you. We establish a roadmap and align your company’s various departments, while securing your ROI.


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Not only is it important to find the right commerce solution for your business, but you also have to make sure the platform is successfully implemented. Therefore It is imperative that all goals are clearly defined and shared between all departments and stakeholders in your company.

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Consumers are very demanding. Before finalizing their purchase, they want to access comprehensive and quality product information. Product experience is now a key success factor to get noticed as a brand. So, make sure you stand out from the competition.


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The right integration approach can dramatically increase productivity with reduced manual intervention & IT resources. It helped to scale your business for future growth. When all components harmoniously work together they preserve productivity and accurate data analysis and that's the goal!


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Your customers are very important for your business. Their happiness around your brand can make or break it. That’s why Customer Care Service (CRM) is so important. You have to take care of their requests, questions, concerns and this along all different stages of the customer journey. But how can you do this in the most efficient way and what is the result?


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Increasing online traffic and conversion is easy? You're wrong! Even with an elaborate strategy, it can be challenging to decide which marketing tactics you should use to boost your orders and revenues. We offers experts in SEO, Paid Search, social ads, marketing strategy, content writing, conversion and more. Let’s explore together and make the magic happen!


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