Design Sprint

We help leading companies design high-impact products in just 5 days.


Why do a Design Sprint?

The Design Sprint is a process developed by Google Ventures. This collaborative methodology, inspired by the principles of Lean Startup and Design Thinking, enables innovation by providing concrete answers to complex problems.

The Design Sprint makes it possible to :

  • Accelerate your projects in an innovative and fun way
  • Leverage collective intelligence
  • Limit the risk of failure
  • Facilitate the cultural transformation of your organisation
  • Align your teams
  • Maximise your ROI

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Business benefits

How does a Design Sprint work with us?

Before the Design Sprint

✅ Kickoff

Secure the cast, share the guiding principles and get the team on board

✅ Framing

Validate the expectations of the Sprint and the user target to launch the recruitment

  • Training in distance learning
    Accompany the participants in learning the tools necessary for remote collaboration (MIRO, MURAL)


  • Training designers
    Prepare one or more designers for their role and activities in the Sprint

The Design Sprint

📆 Monday: Understand

Help your team to define and align with the problem to be solved

📆 Tuesday: Imagine

Stimulate the team to come up with innovative solutions

📆 Wednesday: Decide

Guide the team to select the best ideas

📆 Thursday: Prototype

Bring the solution to life through a high fidelity prototype

📆 Friday: Test

Conduct user tests to validate ideas


After the Design Sprint

✅ Feedback

Share the synthesis of the Sprint lessons and advise on the next steps

  • Improving the prototype
    Refine the prototype taking into account the feedback from the testers related to the user experience


  • Carry out a new Sprint
    Take into account the feedback from the testers to improve the solution or pivot


  • Launching the MVP
    Accompany your teams in defining the MVP and implementing it

Our services

Conducting a Design Sprint

Our facilitators, Designers and Researcher experts will accompany you to prepare and succeed in your Design Sprint.

Integrating the Design Sprint approach throughout your organisation

Our experts build with you a tailor-made program to master and integrate the Design Sprint on a large scale in your organisation.

Train your teams in Design Sprint

We transmit our tools, know-how and best practices to your teams to make them autonomous on the Design Sprint.

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Why choose SQLI ?

  • 40+ Design sprints carried out on various and complex subjects

  • Our ability to support you face-to-face or remotely

  • Our team is both expert in the key roles of the design sprint and human

Meet our experts

Depending on your needs, we join our design forces with your team to make the most of your Sprint.



Product Designer

User researcher

Paul Michel : Passionate about innovation and digital, Paul has conducted more than ten Design Sprints, as a facilitator or UX Researcher.

Noémie RivièreProduct Designer since 2014, Noémie has produced numerous prototypes in the context of Design Sprints.

Arnaud Guilhem : Passionate about user research, he is in charge of recruiting and leading tests on the 5th day of the Sprint.

Stephen Demange : A true Design Thinking and e-Commerce specialist, Stephen was trained in Design Sprint by Google in 2017.

Romain Balcerak : Romain is Team Lead UI Designer, he has completed several sprints as Product Designer.

Maxime Thubière : Maxime is passionate about innovation. He has been facilitating Design Sprints for a few years now, convinced by the power of the method.

Charlotte Salvo : Charlotte has led more than ten Design Sprints as a User Researcher.