Custom applications

Internal tools and processes often suffer from less advanced digitalization than the external assets deployed by companies (such as websites and e-commerce sites).

Tools are rejected by users because they are overly complex or unsuitable for actual usage, processes that lack smoothness and still require a lot of manual processing, poor integration of technologies used...

The cost generated by a poorly designed or poorly used business application can be great for a company:

  • Inconsistent practices across various entities
  • Lack of independence and efficiency among employees
  • Scattered, inconsistent and poorly qualified data
  • Complex operational management, requiring a lot of manual processing

Our teams help companies design and develop custom applications. We merge the aims of users, the IS department and business functions in order to achieve a custom dev solution that delivers the greatest possible value.

Our value proposition 

Prioritize business value 

We design and rapidly deliver custom digital solutions for your organization, production or management, while prioritizing business value, through the experience and involvement of our multi-disciplinary teams.  

We promote simplicity in technical choices and believe in collective intelligence. Our approach: frequently deliver value and constantly gather feedback and data. 

We naturally integrate Agile and DevOps methods in order to design solutions that are in phase with the needs of business functions. 


Alignment of design and technical teams 

In order to build user-centered solutions, we use tried-and-tested methodologies: tests, Design Thinking, gamification, A/B testing, Guerrilla tests, UX research, focus groups, etc. 

By bringing technical teams and UX/Design teams closer together, we can anticipate and imagine the most realistic solution, in phase with our clients’ expectations, in the early stages of a project. 

“A solid relationship of trust has been built with SQLI, which has become an essential partner for us. Their teams show professionalism and responsiveness and are able to adapt to our priorities. We feel lucky to be supported by SQLI’s teams.”

Bruno Lhoste CIO – SPA (French society for the protection of animals)



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