Designing the user experience

Our approach is based on the process of design thinking. This framework aims to continuously improve user interface design. What is our UX strategy? To focus on users to identify the issues they face, find the targets that need to be reached for our clients and co-develop the web design for the service.

The consultants at our UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) Design offces apply Design Thinking through methods adapted to each individual client’s challenges and digital marketing strategy.

Experience Map & Design

We condense the data collected on your target audience into a persona (profile of a typical user) or buyer persona (profile of an ideal buyer) and their experience map. This mapping method tracks what the user does, what they are thinking and feeling, to understand why the user experience is good or not at each stage.

User testing

User testing is a way to test an IT product, design, or prototype by giving it to test users. It’s the most powerful tool for identifying problems with ergonomics, improving product effectiveness, and increasing your conversion rate.

Design Sprint

Managed by professionals, the design sprint solution is aimed at speeding up the design process. A team goes from defining the problem to testing a prototype in five days. We have taken the method, introduced by Google, and adapted it to meet your needs and requirements.

Design System

A design system is as much a tool as it is a method. The method consists of tackling the different components of an interface in a modular, incremental way (through atomic design for example). This way, every element (from the smallest to the most important) is designed and developed with a view to its widespread use across the whole of your digital ecosystem. This results in a documented tool accessible to as many people as possible. It makes it possible to provide more consistent and higher quality interfaces and user experiences as well as reusable technical code.


Creating a functional prototype or UX design prototype allows us to simulate how your future service will work in order to test it before starting technical production. Our UX Researchers provide you with a summary of their research so that you can make use of the findings of the tests and improve your service.

Our 3 areas of expertise

Observations, interviews, focus groups, style guides, wireframes, user flows, Material Design, running workshops, audits, graphic design... Our UX/UI Design consultants are seasoned experts in all these Design Thinking practices, divided into three areas of expertise.

UX Research

User research encompasses all the different methods available for studying the behavior and needs of customers. There are many methods of investigation, aiming to collect data through interviews, focus groups, user testing (including guerilla testing), analytics, etc., and to then analyze it and summarize it in the form of personas, an experience map, or a customer journey, for example.

UX Design

The consultants at our UX Design agencies will draw on the results of user research, when it is available, to design the interface and ensure that the interface ergonomics and usability are optimal. They are responsible for the interface's accessibility, attractiveness, and effectiveness.

UI Design

Our UI Designers, in charge of the graphic design of the interface, will define how your brand will be conveyed visually and ergonomically in accordance with your criteria (and user expectations). Our teams are 100% dedicated to improving the user experience, and in very diverse fields: BtoB, BtoC, BtoE - from e-commerce sites to extranets or specialist applications... Take a look at our case studies on projects for clients in the industrial, retail, luxury, and energy sectors to find out more.

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