Opting for omnichannel commerce

Jouéclub, a Frensh toy retailer, is transitioning to unified commerce in order to offer a single purchasing experience, combining the web, mobile and physical outlets. The main aim of this project is to promote and strengthen web2store and store2web synergies, to provide a simple, seamless purchasing experience.


A cooperative structure grouping 300 independent stores

JouéClub's success is based on its cooperative structure: a grouping of 300 independent stores, specialised in toys, united around a single brand. However, while it is effective for physical stores, this model has reached its limits in e-commerce.

By keeping the principle of the independent store, JouéClub had up until now deployed nearly 220 "Drive" websites, which made the customer journey complex, while creating artificial competition between the sites.

With the support of SQLI, JouéClub chose to simplify and harmonise its purchasing experience with a single website, by deploying the omnichannel platform Proximis.


JouéClub faced a number of challenges

  • Deploy a customer-centred approach in order to offer a single purchasing experience.
  • Strengthen the brand's growth with web2store and store2web synergies in order to unify the purchasing journey.
  • Make JouéClub accessible everywhere and at all times with a Mobile First strategy.
  • Know and recognise customers in order to be able to say "Yes! " to them in all cases.


Jouéclub looks back at the implementation of the unified commerce project with SQLI and Proximis

A first omnichannel platform to unify the customer journey

The platform is based on SQLI's integration of the Proximis solution, the functions of which enable the various cooperatives to centralise and manage a shared online offering of all their products. The solution is designed for unified commerce, integrating a smart order management engine.

Ultimately, the digital system makes it possible to merge databases, centralise stocks and facilitate access to products for users.

JouéClub is equipping itself with a more modern e-commerce site, which is able to combine delivery modes in a single basket (home delivery, click&collect in 2 hours), thereby minimising friction points in the purchasing journey for customers.

A methodological approach engaging all stakeholders

Right from the outset, SQLI was involved in a major part of the value chain: auditing, definition of the omnichannel strategy, UX, SEO, development and production launch.


Throughout this project, a true partnership was formed between SQLI, Proximis and JouéClub.


With three-way work and iterative project management, it was possible to deploy an initial version of the platform in just 7 months.


The digital system, launched in October 2018, made it possible for JouéClub to fully embrace omnichannel by merging databases, centralising stock and optimising the resupply of sales outlets and access to products for users. The solution offers practical benefits for both customers and store workers.

Members of the cooperative can now access a unified back-office, simplify activities and facilitate communications with operational teams. In addition, the brand can now:

  • Analyse customer journeys
  • Analyse individual product performance
  • Gain better customer knowledge and improve loyalty scheme objectives

The timing of this project worked out well, enabling the toy and games retailer to manage the huge influx of orders during the end-of-year period that is crucial for their business. JouéClub is satisfied with its standard-setting e-commerce website that meets consumer needs, improves customer knowledge and optimises sales opportunities.

"We have managed to meet a major challenge for all JouéClub members thanks to the expertise, engagement and constant focus of SQLI's team. Through effective three-way team work, and Agile management of the project, we have successfully developed our new digital platform in time for the launch of the Christmas season."

Aurélia Cayla Digital Marketing Manager


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