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Until 2019, 85% of sales were still conducted at points of sale. The closure of non-essential stores during lockdown periods boosted e-commerce and affected consumers’ expectations.

A brand experience should be unified across all channels to offer a seamless journey. When a customer goes to a point of sale, they expect personalized advice, recognition, and to be able to touch products. Digitalizing points of sale can help improve the customer experience. Our experts in omnichannel commerce can help you define and implement the best digital-in-store use cases for your business.

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Digital in Store use cases

There are a variety of systems that you can consider implementing in your stores and in your web-to-store journey to improve customers’ experience with the brand: 

  • Access to your product catalogue on a tablet at the point of sale. This 360° view of the product offering helps to limit the number of references stored at the point of sale and offers the most comprehensive level of information on each product to the customer or the salesperson: detailed product sheets, video demonstrations, product availability at various points of sale or warehouses, complementary products, etc. 
  • A clienteling application for sales staff with access to customer data (preferences, order history, wish lists, etc.) so they can offer a personalized quality of service to each customer and loyalty offers according to the customer’s profile. 
  • Click-and-collect features so that customers can order online and pick up their orders in-store, and a ship-from-store functionality that allows you to order an item available at any point of sale or warehouse and have it delivered anywhere the customer wants. 
  • Unified transactions with the ability to pay using a mobile device, so as to avoid waiting in line or be refunded from any touchpoint. 

Our approach

Our digital commerce experts are here to accompany you and define the best strategy after a in-depth study of your challenges and pain points—the objective being to align your digital, IT and sales strategies. During the scoping phase, our consultants identify personas, carry out an audit of the in-store experience, define KPIs and map your IT ecosystem.

After this phase (which can be performed in workshops), a clear vision of the digital-in-store project’s ambition will help to create a roadmap and drive the digital systems’ design and rollout stages.



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