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e-Commerce strategy

A digital aproach has become essential to ensuring the growth of any business. This often requires significant investment or a change in business model. Therefore it is important to ask yourself the right questions before embarking on any digital project.

At a time when customers can seem elusive, how can you create a unified experience that meets their expectations across all channels?  Which technologies should you choose to create your digital systems?

SQLI’s ecommerce consulting team brings its vision and expertise to define the best digital commerce strategy, establish a roadmap and align your company’s various departments, while securing your ROI.

Our value proposition

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Our mission

We help brands understand their customers’ new behaviours, in order to design unified buying experiences by combining the best of strategy, design and technology.

Our e-Commerce consulting 

Our consultants put their client’s voice and expectations at the core of their considerations. We translate our strategic vision into a practical, operational action plan. Our e-Commerce consulting team plays a role in studies, scoping, design thinking and design sprints, in order to speed up innovation and boost your business with the best time-to-market. Each step of our assignement is carried out in co-construction with your teams with processes shared and applied in a clear and transparent way.

Expertise throughout the value chain

Our consultants, UX experts and designers are involved right from the strategy definition stage. This includes design, the deployment of personalised experiences and continuous optimisation of unified commerce, e-commerce, phygital, digital marketing, innovation and other systems. They master the various cycles of digital commerce, from customer acquisition to conversion and loyalty building.

Our consultants assist upstream with the audit of your market and competition, a benchmark of solutions and the creation of a business strategy that is aligned with your goals and ambitions. 

Our UX experts and designers create user-centric journeys and interfaces, deployed by our technical experts on unified commerce, e-Commerce and phygital solutions.

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