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Are you looking for digital experts to create an innovative and industrialized system that will help you effectively carry out your digital strategy?


A digital transformation plan must be based on a structured and ambitious roadmap with regular milestones. In order to ensure the success of these projects, throughout their life cycle, externalizing your digital production can be a strategic choice.

By opting for an IT service center-type model, you put the management of your project, which can be complex given the variety of required expertise, in the hands of digital experts. This effective approach will enable you to speed up your digital maturity while focusing on your core business.

Digital outsourcing and industrialization can address several aims:

  • Optimize your investments over the long term
  • Secure the execution of your digital roadmap
  • Combine all of your digital skills in a single partner
  • Guarantee the time-to-market of your applications

In order to meet your needs, we have 2 nearshore service centers in France, 3 offshore service centers in Morocco and 1 in Mauritius. Our international strike force is backed up by numerous local offices located in 13 countries.

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Our value proposition

A strategy based on activity streams

To provide you with the best possible support, we set up a personalized and industrialized system, formed by a group of high-level experts, which is organized into strategic activity streams :

New projects. Dedicated teams. Agile work environment.

Development. Industrialization. Continuous integration. DevOps.

Multi-brand rollout. New-market rollout. Localization.

Stress tests. HMI, pixel perfect, multi-device. Web service tests.

UX/UI. Audience analysis. SEO. Digital consulting.

Corrective. Preventive and perfective. Minor/urgent upgrades. Support.

Our role is to ensure optimal service quality for the deployment of your digital solutions, whether it’s an e-commerce solution, experience platform, specific development or testing. We industrialize your projects based on an omnichannel approach and put innovation at the core of our considerations.

A strong demand for service quality

We manage service quality using KPIs, with total transparency towards our clients: velocity, fault rate, anomaly correction time, DevOps maturity, etc.

For one of France’s biggest energy industry players, we deployed a service center with delivery quality monitored and measured using 54 KPIs, enabling us to meet deadlines, maintain skills and ensure deliverable quality, among other things.

A global and integrated system

The service center works in synergy with a team that is in direct contact with the client. This team includes a Project division, in charge of managing the system, and a Consulting division (strategy, SEO/SEA, UX/UI, etc.)

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