Data Science

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly popular as a way for businesses to achieve a competitive advantage by improving services, making information more accessible faster, and introducing new business models.

When you use data to its full potential, you can gain really useful insights for your company. From prototyping and minimal viable product (MVP) development to the newest artificial intelligence and advanced analytics best practices, SQLI has internal data manipulation skills to assist your company leverage data science. Our data scientists research your company's requirements and issues. To ensure that the deployed solution is optimized for your individual needs, special attention is paid to automation, solution sustainability, and engagement with stakeholders (engineers, architects, and end users).

SQLI offers the following capabilities to assist firms develop their data vision and strategy, from decision making through predictive analytics:


Predictive solutions

Machine learning and predictive approaches may be combined into strong systems to perform prediction scenarios, secure preventive maintenance, and reduce the risk of incident, failure, or fraud.

Our data scientists can assist you in finding, developing, and deploying cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions.


Fraud detection

Our data scientists do not replace your fraud analysts; nevertheless, by using machine learning, we can help them save time on manual reviews and data analysis.

Machine learning improves the effectiveness of a fraud analyst's job by allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks.


360° customer analysis

You can obtain deep insights into your customers' behavior by using artificial intelligence to your customer analytics (for example, with a CDP solution <link to CDP page>), allowing you to make important decisions that can enhance your income. You can concentrate on your most valued consumers, increase customer satisfaction, tweak your products or services, and send targeted communications to maximize your overabundance.



Chatbots are addressing one of the most difficult problems in customer service: improving customer pleasure while reducing the workload of customer service professionals.

SQLI has built a solid expertise in establishing chatbot solutions and can help you reduce client annoyance with recurring information searches while staying within your budget.