Multi-technology expertise

Digitalizing a core business process or delivering a digital solution in tune with the wants and needs of your users while also meeting time-to-market, performance and optimization requirements is a real challenge.

Choosing a technology agnostic partner enables you to use technological innovation to provide the best possible service for your users, to draw on an upgradeable technological foundation, to reduce the TCO of your IT and to improve your agility and responsiveness.

    A technology agnostic approach

    Our approach involves selecting the best technology with regards to:

    • User needs (front-end & mobile technologies)
    • Core business requirements (back-end technologies, low code, etc.)
    • IT department issues (cloud, on-premise, multi-cloud, hybrid, etc.)
    • Software development best practices (Agility, DevOps, DevSecOps, DDD, TDD, etc.).

    Expertise covering all your needs

    SQLI puts the expertise of 1,000 full-stack developers (JavaScript, Java, .NET, PHP, html/css, iOS, Android, etc.), architects, Scrum Masters, Agile coaches, and UX/UI designers at your disposal.

    Our multidisciplinary teams help you to:

    • Establish the requirements, the ROI, and the roadmaps for future products
    • Design the user interactions and architecture
    • Create the solution and meet time-to-market, quality, safety, and maintainability requirements
    • Deploy the solution
    • Collect feedback and iterate
    • Maintain in order to ensure the right level of service.



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