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Advanced Power Solutions NV

TikTok! Who is there? It's Advanced Power Solutions NV!

You might be a battery user of Advanced Power Solutions NV, without knowing it. Their batteries are available in all shapes and sizes, and thus can be found in your kids’ toys, remote control, calculator or fire detector.

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Panasonic batteries are manufactured in Europe by Advanced Power Solution NV. The company sells batteries for nearly every household and professional gadget. 5 years ago, SQLI was entrusted with creating a social media plan to help them build their internet presence and boost their alkaline battery line's market position. SQLI continues to successfully handle Advanced Power Solutions NV's European social media material on a daily basis with engaging content. This fantastic collaboration paved the way for further exciting challenges on other social media platforms... TikTok, it's nice to meet you!

Who’s in for a Tik Tok challenge?

A TikTok Challenge? Count us in! 

Advanced Power Solutions NV has been informed by SQLI about TikTok's possible branding prospects. Our first proposal was promptly accepted by the battery manufacturer, and we were given free reign to explore the platform. Yeeha! On Facebook, we primarily targeted families with children and gamers. On TikTok, though, the audience is much more diverse and younger. Who's up for a Tik Tok competition? We are (always)!

  • 7 successful German TikTok users

The approach of SQLI 

Rather than creating traffic or leads, TikTok is a terrific venue for branded and entertaining content. We wouldn't be able to genuinely capture the interest of our youthful audience if we just created an ad campaign. They're seeking for innovative stuff they can replicate or emulate. TikTok fans want to be challenged, not by advertisements, but by free content.

We choose numerous collaborations with highly skilled influencers to create this branded video content. They already have a sizable and devoted fan base, which would give us a leg up right away.

Who, however, uses batteries? Nearly everyone! Yes, you too! We were able to focus on families with children or gamers using Facebook ad targeting, but these audiences are not TikTok's primary user base. There's a lot more to the platform. We had to focus on a wide range of domains in the selection of our influencers because we chose organic awareness over paid reach or engagement. We found a diverse group of 7 successful German TikTok users, ranging from photographers to athletes to dancers, who were interested in working with the brand.

Our challenge to the influencers was simple: create a spectacular optical illusion with a battery at the center, and begin the #PowerYourDay challenge. The algorithms on TikTok have been known to go viral more than any other platform. That was excellent, because brand exposure was our major goal.

TikTok challenges, on the other hand, are usually tied to a single sound or song. Everyone might recognize the challenge because of this consistent decision. This is true of the #PowerYourDay challenge, in which all of the influencers utilized the same song in their videos.


Finally, the influencers would not only share their illusion, but also challenge other users to create their own #PowerYourDay challenge. We gave them the opportunity to give away some EVOLTA NEO battery packs to promote this.

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