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Eleven sports on the hunt for conversions

Eleven Sports is love, and sports is emotion! Our client, Eleven Sports, will be familiar with true sports fans: it broadcasts a wide selection of live sports from throughout the world. SQLI was tasked by the brand to increase brand awareness in Belgium, both among current subscribers and new customers.

anytime, anywhere

Eleven Sports' business plan is based on the acquisition of significant international sports rights in smaller nations. In Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Taiwan, and the United States, the corporation provides linear television and/or digital services. Essentially, they sell passes to watch a variety of sports branches at any time and from any location, on a smartphone, television, laptop, or tablet, whether pre-recorded or live.

The challenge 

Because most people are enjoying cocktails on beaches or sunny vacations, there isn't much activity to see for our sports fans during the summer. That's why Eleven Sports sought to get people enthusiastic and raise awareness prior to the start of the new football, NBA, Cage Fighting, or darts seasons. It's up to SQLI to make a big deal out of the Eleven Sports packs and persuade people to sign up for them. To continue in the sports jargon, you could say, "Kick it where it matters!"

What we did to create awareness for Eleven Sports 

Simply the Best… 

… and better than all the rest! We concentrated on the key names and clubs of the leagues Eleven Sports is currently broadcasting during the 'Simply the best' promotion. The Eleven Sports team's organic material received a boost in recognition, and we created additional pieces to increase conversions, or subscriptions. We built numerous target groups that were specifically interested in (one of) the leagues Eleven Sports airs to produce qualified traffic and attract the most appropriate audience. Furthermore, we were able to locate a new fan base of potential subscribers. We encouraged fans of well-known athletes or specific leagues (Bundesliga, Seria A, etc.) to become fans if they considered those players or leagues were "Simply The Best." Simple, but effective: with only € 0,4 per new follower, we were able to achieve 3,3K page likes!

Promoting UFC Fights 

Eleven Sports broadcasts live coverage of UFC cage fighting events. Because those large fight events don't happen every week, we mainly concentrated on the main ones. For each big fight we launch a campaign. We know from prior campaigns that we can convert a large number of people at these peak times.

External media buying 

Finally, we assist Eleven Sports with banner placement across additional platforms. With the same visual style as the social promotions, we created a collection of HTML5 banners. In a nutshell, our collaboration with Eleven Sports is "the finest"! We've been able to raise brand recognition, sell a lot of new memberships at a low price, and, of course, stay up to date on the results of all the sports leagues thanks to the SQLI promotions. Lunchtime conversations are guaranteed to be interesting. ;-)

The end score 

  • 150 new passes were sold on the Eleven Sports site before the start of the sports season. 

  • The Simply the Best campaign had a 1,25% Conversion rate 

  • 3.300 new football fans on the Facebook page at a cost of € 0,4/fan 

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