a lead generation campaign for the international dealer network of Brustor


The perfect leads for the perfect shade

Here comes the sun… There comes Brustor! With the aim to give their professional dealer network an enormous boost, WAX developed for Brustor a dealer marketing strategy from scratch. Including a brand new international website, dealer portal and social media approach. Take a seat in the perfect shade, and discover what we did.

Brustor: an introduction

You love the perfect shade? You might love Brustor too! Brustor is a Belgian family-owned business that has developed into an international player on the sun protection market over the years. The company is a pioneer for pergolas towards B2B and B2C, and exclusively distributes its bioclimatic pergolas, drop arm awnings, veranda sun protection and screens through a network of certified Brustor dealers.

The challenge

Brustor is proud of its widespread international dealer network, and rightfully so! With the mission to grow and become an even more important international player, the company has asked WAX to develop a new website that would generate as many leads as possible towards their dealers all over Europe. Especially in Germany and France, where we had to find a solution to promote 30 German and 10 French dealers with personalized content. We had to find a smooth way to implement our social media content on such a big scale. Europe, here we come!

Dealer marketing with personalised web form per dealer

But first there was a website ...

The portal brustor.com doesn’t only have to show all the Brustor products, but it also has to be an important gateway to find and get in touch with your local Brustor dealer. We created a 360° dealer marketing programme by creating a new web portal aimed at creating more leads for dealers. Take a look at what we did:

  • We built the new website in Drupal 8 CMS with different API integrations
  • Each B2C or B2B client is able to find and contact their local dealer to get a personalised offer.
  • Via the back-end of the CMS each dealer has a clear overview of the contact details of each customer, how many brochures were downloaded etc.
  • With the aim to do more crosslinking and to inspire potential customers even more, we developed an inspirational section with examples of nice Brustor projects, blog posts and news items.
  • This portal side is also Google SEO optimised and built in a way that it’s very easy to find your local dealer.
  • Each dealer has its own 'microsite’ on the platform mentioning his/her specialisations and with a lead form directly connected to a custom lead follow-up system. The dealers can also manage the content that is displayed on this site.
  • Thanks to our thorough mail system, each dealer gets a notification as soon as somebody has a request.

The new site has a multilingual information architecture and menu structure. All the content is available in 10 languages.

a lead generation campaign for the international dealer network of Brustor

Leads, leads, leads!

With this good-looking and smooth dealer platform we also wanted to generate as much as leads for the dealers, especially in Germany and France.

Outdoor garden solutions like pergolas, drop arm awnings, veranda sun protection and screens are searched a lot through search engines. If your brand is not listed in the first results, you might have a problem.

To promote 30 German and 10 French dealers, we started running local and personalised Search Engine Ads. Beside this, we also launched Google Display campaigns towards each microsite with the object to give each local dealer cheap but qualified leads.

  • 428 hard leads on Facebook and Google Ads
  • € 0,16 cost per click
  • 196 million impressions

Additionally, we created inspiring content for the German market alternated with traffic content of each Brustor product. The aim was not only to inspire but also generate as many leads via the lead form on every product page. This content had to appear at the same time on all the 30 Facebook pages, as each local dealer has their own page. Posting our content and launch ads couldn’t be done manually as this would take a lot of time. Fortunately, we found a manageable social media set-up for the 30 Facebook pages of these German dealers.

Thanks to an automated scheduling and boosting system, we were able to place and promote sales-driven static and video content on a local qualified Facebook audience. Thanks to this set-up, the number of dealers themselves can even be expanded in the future.

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