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Influencer strategy

When we say Berry, you say Alloc! At least, that's what we hoped for with our brand awareness campaign for BerryAlloc, a flooring firm. We offered a collaboration with Belgian, Dutch, and French styling gurus and influencers to raise brand recognition in general and their vinyl and laminate floors in particular. With a makeover giveaway, the goal is to demonstrate the difference a floor can make. And, yes, you got it, the campaign made a huge difference! Let's have a look at the outcomes.

An Berry Alloc influencer painting a wall

About the brand

With so much rivalry in the flooring industry, BerryAlloc wants to make their brand more well-known. They specialize in high-quality flooring solutions, but they also attempt to minimize their environmental impact by installing long-lasting floors.

Social media content based on content of influencer made for Berry Alloc

How it all started

We were approached with the simple task of proposing and contacting ten micro influencers and offering them a floor to install at their location.

The end result

We offered a full-fledged influencer campaign, which would raise far more awareness than a simple floor installation could. And, guess what, the client was completely taken aback! ;-)

A Berry Alloc influencer decorating her new home

Makeover time!

In each target country, we established a campaign with four macro influencers and interior experts who could give away a floor and makeover to one of their followers. The giveaway itself had already garnered a lot of interest online, with a large number of people taking part. Part 1 of raising awareness has been completed.

The next step is to give a makeover! The winner not only received full installation of their chosen floor, but the influencer also styled their home. The influencer, winner, and BerryAlloc all showed teasing stories about the outcome, which would be revealed a week later. A professional photographer was also on hand to capture some stunning images of the finished product. Check out part 2 of the awareness-raising process!

Finally, for the BerryAlloc website and social media platforms, we developed blogs and social media posts around the results. We can already create multiple motivating blog entries, as well as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Youtube posts, with just one makeover. So now you have a lot of materials to post all year long and continue to raise awareness: check, check!

And the results?

The postings will be published in the coming weeks, so keep an eye on this blogpost to view the results as soon as possible!

To end this blogpost in style (sorry, we couldn’t resist): the floor is lava!

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