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Advanced Power Solutions NV

Our TikTok strategy to promote an A brand of batteries

You might be a battery user of Advanced Power Solutions NV, without knowing it. Their batteries are available in all shapes and sizes, and thus can be found in your kids’ toys, remote control, calculator or fire detector.

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Advanced Power Solution NV, is the European battery manufacturer of Panasonic batteries. The company has a wide range of batteries for almost every household or professional appliance. 5 years ago, SQLI was honored to develop a social media strategy that had to expand their online presence and strengthen the market position of their alkaline battery range. Nowadays SQLI still successfully manages the European social media content of Advanced Power Solutions NV on a daily basis with engaging content. This wonderful collaboration paved the way for other challenging adventures on other social media platforms … like hello there, TikTok!

Who’s in for a Tik Tok challenge?

A TikTok Challenge? Count us in! 

SQLI has brought the potential branding opportunities of TikTok to the attention of Advanced Power Solutions NV. The battery company was immediately convinced about our first proposition and gave us carte blanche to dive into the platform. Yeeha! On Facebook we focused mainly on Family with kids and gamers. While on TikTok, the audience is way more different, and younger. Who’s in for a Tik Tok challenge? We (always) are!

  • 7 successful German TikTok users

The approach of SQLI 

TikTok is a great platform for branded and engaging content rather than generating traffic or leads. By just creating an ad campaign, we wouldn’t manage to truly gain the attention of our young audience who’s looking for creative content they can reproduce or imitate too. TikTok users want to get challenged; not with ads, but with gifted content. 

For the creation of this branded video content, we opted for several collaborations with highly experienced influencers. They already have a strong and engaged fanbase, which would give us a nice head start from the beginning. 

But who uses batteries? Almost everybody! Yes, even you! Via ad targeting on Facebook, we were able to focus on family with kids or gamers, but these audiences are not the primary user base of TikTok. The platform has much more to offer. As we opted to gain organic awareness instead of paid reach or engagement, we had to focus on a wide range of domains in the selection of our influencers. We found a healthy mix of 7 successful German TikTok users - from photographers, sportsmen to dancers - who were in for a collaboration with the brand.


Our challenge for the influencers was clear: amaze us and your audience with a great optical illusion with a battery in the lead, and start the #PowerYourDay challenge. TikTok’s algorithms are known to go viral more than on any other platform. Which was great, as brand awareness was our main objective.

Next to this, TikTok challenges are mostly linked to one specific sound or song. Thanks to this coherent choice the challenge was recognizable for everybody. This is no different with this #PowerYourDay challenge where all the influencers used the same song in their video.


Finally, the influencers would not only just post their illusion, they would also challenge other users to make their own version of the #PowerYourDay challenge. To encourage this, we gave them the opportunity to give away some EVOLTA NEO battery packs.

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