How we helped Elvea grow to 25,000 fans

Working for a food brand that has delicious, qualitative, pure Italian products is just bellissimo! 6 years ago, Elvea came to us to develop their online social platforms. We created everything from scratch, and had an amazing Italian journey. Take a look at all the great content and campaigns we cooked up together.

  • > 40 tomato-based products
  • 100% Italian
  • 100% natural

Elvea is a 100% Italian brand that has been around for more than 130 years. Its range consists of more than 40 tomato-based products, and is 100% natural. Thanks to the radiant Italian sun and the rich soil, the tomatoes have an unrivalled taste. In Belgium, Elvea is a well-known staple in the family kitchen. And there might even be a certain aura of nostalgia associated with this particular brand, as it features in many family recipes, passed down through the generations. However, it doesn't just render delicious 
results, Elvea products are also healthy and easy to use. No wonder we love working with them! 

A platform for loyal clients

5 years ago, social media was not what it is today. Elvea didn’t even have a social media platform. Our inhouse food blogger Myriam was at the right place and the right time to convince Elvea’s brand manager that social media are essential for a brand's growth. He teamed up with us with a very clear briefing: make sure loyal customers can engage with Elvea online. 

From fun always-on content to campaigns 

Because Elvea didn’t own any platforms, we made everything from scratch. Meta and Pinterest were included from the beginning and the content mainly focussed on recipes, brand news and top topicals. Very soon, we saw that the loyal Elvea fans found their way to the pages. Every two months, we organised a contest with tasty prizes from their cucina Italiana, which gave our engagement a boost. We love to focus on the Elvea heritage, because ‘you can take the tomatoes out of Italy, but you can’t take Italy out of the tomatoes’.

The end result: 

Five years later we are still on a roll. Let’s give you a taste of what we have done for Elvea so far:  

We took the always-on to an even higher level than in the beginning. The content for Elvea is based on three explicit USPs: easy, traditional and conscious. On Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest we talk about the Italian heritage, the origin of the food and all the benefits of tomatoes, besides sharing lots of recipes of course. This strategy brought us more than 25 000 fans, still growing! 

At SQLI, we strongly believe in the power of in-house shoots and Elvea knows how to benefit from that. Since the beginning, we have come up with our own recipes and shot them ourselves. They are social-proof and easy to use for Instagram stories, YouTube videos, Facebook ads,… With only one day of shooting, we provide 100% authentic content to use all year! 

Elvea knows their audience and a few months ago, they launched three new pasta sauces. All three of them are healthy, very easy to use and fingerlickingly good. We did what we’re good at and came up with a cashback campaign, to let people try out the new sauces. From the awareness to the conversion phase: we designed, wrote and advertised it all. And it worked! 18 000 leads combined with a lot of in store and ATL advertising made this campaign very successful. 

A lot of companies offer foodboxes, but have you ever seen a 100% Italian foodbox? Elvea joined forces with Filippo Berio and Pastificio di Martino to create a box with 12 Italian meals and they asked us to do the online communication. No sooner said than done! To engage people, we created assets for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. We also came just in time for Mother’s Day and made sure the assets immediately put you in the right, Italian vibe. 


The future looks bright

SQLI and Elvea are obviously a great match, so we are looking forward to future campaigns and collaborations. Everytime we work for Elvea, it feels like a little Italian holiday! 

After 5 years, we collected some impressive results

  • > 1500 ads
  • 7 in-house shoots
  • 25 000 online fans
  • 32K Pinterest impressions

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