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A bulletproof lead gen strategy for fichet group

Let’s talk about a reliable, secure and robust partner who is committed to delivering quality work. We could be talking about SQLI, but this case is all about Fichet Group. This leading Worldwide security provider strongly believed they could use some help in their hunt for new qualitative customers. SQLI to the rescue with a whole new digital strategy to get these leads!

You’ve probably never ordered a product from Fichet Group, but we have no doubt you’ve used them. Ever walked through identification gates at the airport or underground? Ever waited in front of a security door with bulletproof glass? Fichet develops solutions to protect business organisations, retail chains and public infrastructures against every threat—from basic to high security risks. Their main customers are mainly financial institutions, government buildings, airports, high risk industries, public buildings and transports and retail facilities.

A complex world needs a complex solution

Years ago, Fichet Group was mainly focused on safes and vaults. A reliable solution in an offline era, but in 2021 we demand more in our fully digitalized and connected world. Fichet drastically decided to broaden their product range with security systems, cash management systems, security gates, to even doors that could withstand the blast of a big explosion. Name it, Fichet will make it! And as rapidly & radically the world of security products was changing, the same happened with the world of digital marketing. Fichet Group was looking for a partner who could provide content support in its social media approach as well as ensure the influx of qualitative leads on its digital channels. That’s where SQLI jumped in! But before we show you the learnings and amazing results of this client, let’s explain to you what we have done.

How we cracked the code 

As always we started with an analysis of their existing marketing mix and content. Together with Fichet and their demands we came to the following conclusion and strategy. 

These 8 steps have helped us to achieve Fichet's goal effectively and successfully: 

Need help with your strategy?

Fichet Group was already investing in blog articles, cases and product reviews. But this was not enough. They were really looking for a fresh and more professional marketing approach that started with a content driven strategy and resulted in collecting relevant leads. Therefore they asked SQLI to work with an attract-convert-delight approach. As their digital partner, we took over their digital content & campaign management, defined key target groups and defined the right channel. Before we would collect the leads we would start from a content-driven strategy.

As Fichet knows their clients and product lines inside out, they would write the content. But SQLI would be in the position to make adjustments where necessary and to provide topics which we expect would certainly resonate with the intended target groups. SQLI transformed the interesting content to interesting content that would convert. A good content mix of the different products and services is one thing. We also wanted the different product pages to be found. To achieve this, our SEO experts defined the best keywords and adapted the copywriting on the landing pages to make them highly performing.

To explain the wide array of Fichet products and services, you need some space and time. Therefore we chose to divide the content year plan into 4 phases. This would give us the time to roll out the funnel, talk about different advantages, possibilities and opportunities of 1 particular product and retarget the hot prospects towards the lead form.

As the products of Fichet Group are all quite niche, and are ordered by a very small group of professionals, we had to define our target groups with high precision. When creating the target groups we mainly focussed on the decision makers. These are people in a company who are included when choosing and ordering security products. We’ve created a number of personas and profiles that formed the basis for this strategy. Following this, we had to target them with the right content on the right channel. As a result of our thorough analysis we would mainly focus on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Finally, we also installed and activated tracking via the Google Tag Manager. This would allow us to track organic (soft) leads that were generated on their site. This could be a click to call, a filled in contact form, a downloaded pdf etc. This data was also linked to the Google Data Studio dashboard so that we - and the customer - could follow these leads live. 

Before we could generate the leads, our target groups first had to get acquainted with the brand and the products. In the awareness phase of the funnel we introduced people to a particular problem and Fichet's solution. In a later consideration phase, we provided in-depth information, interviews, and finished projects of Fichet's approach on the ground. Last but not least, we would fully focus on generating qualitative leads in the remarketing phase. 

In the analysis of their previous marketing strategy, we noticed that their visual style was not elaborated consistently among all channels. We defined a visual identity and social media branding based on the same colours and typography. This consistent style would result in a recognizable corporate identity on all different channels. 

Next to the missing visual identity we also made the visuals and animations more human. By combining a quote with a portrait photo of the interviewee or speaker in the field we combined a human touch with the technical complexity of the Fichet product. This combination generated trust and made the brand more connected with their customers and users. 

Finally, one tip to keep in mind even if your product is new, technical or complex. Don’t use too much text, explain it in a short but clear way, use the right message on the visual, and provide the ideal format per platform to get the most out of your content. 

An approach that works 

The previous 8 steps wouldn’t generate the requested number of leads without the commitment of our performance teams. Our marketeers have succeeded to monitor the campaigns on a daily basis, optimize where needed and work further on the generated learnings with a lot of quality leads as result. Because we believe that teamwork makes the dream work! During the always-on campaigns the customer was also able to follow the performance on a daily basis thanks to our personalised Google Lookerstudio dashboard.

Upgrade your performance
  • 4M impressions
  • 35 qualified leads
  • 73% more organic traffic

Curious about the results? Here are a few conclusions we can share with you! 

  • We discovered that Twitter rendered some great results in the consideration phase by generating B2B traffic to the blog posts and product pages.  

  • However on Facebook, awareness of the products and the remarketing towards the lead form generated a larger quantity of leads thanks to the tracking of all kinds of conversions on the website (from contact forms, PDF views, to the standard website visits).  

  • LinkedIn on the other hand gave us less but qualitative leads, and is thus a great channel in this last phase. As a result we would recommend to use Facebook less as a lead generation platform and more as an employee branding channel. 

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