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Reaching the goals of Eleven Sports

Eleven Sports is a Belgian sports broadcaster that is still relatively new on the scene. It swiftly established itself as one of the main sports broadcasting companies in Belgium, obtaining the rights to the Jupiler Pro League in 2020. The Jupiler Pro League is Belgium's first division, in which only the best 18 football teams compete against one another. It's no surprise that Eleven Sports chose the tagline "The Home of Belgian Football."

We love good (ad) scores, especially for our sporty clients 

Elevens Sports and SQLI have a long history of success, so we were thrilled to launch an ambitious advertising campaign to promote the Jupiler Pro League as part of their television package and generate subscriptions.

Their overall goals (pun intended): 

  • Reach Belgian football fans, 

  • Attract new customers, 

  • Elevate the number of purchases via their website. 

A winning strategy in 3 phases

SQLI devised a complete strategy in three phases, each with its own aim and channel approach, spaced out over four weeks. We decided to make personalized adverts for fans of individual football clubs: do you support Club Brugge or Anderlecht? Black and blue or purple and white banners would have been offered to you. Isn't it cool?!

Phase 1 was mostly focused on raising awareness: did you know that the football season is about to begin, and you can follow your favorite team from the comfort of your own home? On Facebook and Instagram, we generated 16 videos – one for each football club – as well as interest-based audiences, as well as a general video and banner for YouTube. The information we gathered would be used in phases 2 and 3.

Phase 2 retargeted video viewers from phase 1 as well as followers of certain football clubs using Facebook and Instagram. They were there this time with static banners geared at raising website traffic and encouraging people to check out the offer on the landing page, resulting in sales. In addition, we used Google Search & Display to increase website traffic even further.

In phase 3, we were pleasantly delighted to find that many visitors completed the entire membership process in one sitting during the first two phases. Those forgetful visitors from phase 2 – who clicked on the ad and started the check-out process but never finished it – were retargeted directly on Facebook and Instagram so they could finish their order.

Want a new strategy for your brand?

Happy customer = happy team 

And they were successful: hundreds of purchases were made as a result of our campaign, resulting in a happy customer and a happy SQLI team. Through millions (!) of ad impressions and a low cost per conversion, we were able to create a considerable number of unique transactions. No further time is required!

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