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Reaching the goals of Eleven Sports

Eleven Sports is a sports broadcaster, and a relatively new player on the Belgian market. It quickly grew out to be one of the leading players in sports broadcasting in Belgium too, resulting in them securing the rights to the Jupiler Pro League in 2020. The Jupiler Pro League is the Belgian First Division, where only the top 18 football teams in Belgium compete against each other. No wonder Eleven Sports opted for the tag line: “The Home of Belgian football”.

We love good (ad) scores, especially for our sporty clients 

Elevens Sports and SQLI have been a winning team for years, so naturally we were very excited to set up an ambitious advertising campaign to promote the Jupiler Pro League as part of their television offer and rake in those subscriptions.

Their overall goals (pun intended): 

  • Reach Belgian football fans, 

  • Attract new customers, 

  • Elevate the number of purchases via their website. 

A winning strategy in 3 phases

SQLI worked out a very comprehensive strategy in three distinct phases, spread out over 4 weeks, and each with their own goal and channel approach. We chose to create personalised ads, targeted to specific football club fans: you like Club Brugge or Anderlecht? You would have been presented with black & blue or purple & white banners. Neat, huh?!

Phase 1 was mostly aimed at awareness: did you know the football season is kicking off shortly, and you can follow your favourite team from the comfort of your own home? We created 16 videos – one for each football club – and interest based audiences on Meta, and a general video and banner for YouTube. The data we gathered from this would be used in phase 2 and 3. 

Phase 2 used Meta as well, to retarget the video viewers from phase 1 and the fans of specific football clubs. This time they were present with static banners aimed at increasing website visitors and checking out the offer on the landing page, so purchases would have been made. Additionally, we opted for Google Search & Display to boost traffic to the website even more. 

In phase 3, we were pleasantly surprised that during the first two phases a lot of visitors completed the whole subscription process in one go. However in the spirit of conversion, those forgetful visitors from phase 2 – they clicked on the ad and started the check-out process, but never completed it – were retargeted specifically on Meta so they could finish their order

Want a new strategy for your brand?

Happy customer = happy team 

And they were good: thousands of purchases were made through our campaign, which made for a happy customer and happy team at SQLI. We managed to generate a significant amount of unique purchases through millions (!) of ad impressions and a very cheap cost per conversion. No extra time needed!

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