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How SQLI activated AG’s digital awareness and footprint

AG Insurance set us the task of increasing brand loyalty and assisting insurance brokers as they enter the digital market. Do you want to learn more about how we increased their digital awareness and footprint?

This award-winning insurance firm has over 190 years of experience and knowledge in the Belgian market, providing insurance solutions to banks such as BNP Paribas Fortis, Bpost, and Fintro, as well as independent insurance brokers. "Supporter of your life" is their motto, and they live and breath it.

Tackling a gap in digital services 

AG Insurance contacted SQLI in 2015 to explore ideas for building brand loyalty with their insurance brokers, hence increasing profit, while also providing them with digital know-how to assist them extend their digital presence.

Want some digital know-how?

Enter WeActivate, the platform 

To increase activity between AG and its brokers, SQLI designed a series of digital services on a custom-built Drupal platform. This platform was integrated to AG's existing loyalty program to provide user-friendliness: this implies that every broker can access digital services for free based on their devotion to the AG-brand.

Brokers who are less tech-savvy may also use the site to acquire whatever service they need and receive instruction and help as they take their first steps into the digital world. There have been numerous problems, adjustments, and additions to the WeActivate platform since its inception.

online in less than a day


SQLI made it very easy and quick to have your own website, which is a must-have in the digital world. A totally professional website may be constructed and put online in less than one day by selecting from many, ever-expanding custom-made Drupal themes that can be adjusted according to the broker's own wishes. But what about the stringent legal requirements that an insurance broker's website must follow? SQLI collaborated with AG to construct the webpages in accordance with the FSMA's stringent legal standards. We implemented arrangements in 2018 to comply with GDPR regulations as well. Brokers can be assured that their website is up to date, both legally and digitally: there are frequent content changes and new features (video advertising, new layouts, etc.) added, the majority of which are in response to broker requests.

more visibility, more leads

Social Media Management 

Content updates are fine and good, but who will read them if your broker office isn't visible? As a result, our web development team has devised a method of pushing news items to the office's own Facebook page, ensuring that their clients are kept up to date across all media.

Digital advertisements 

Brokers can sign up for digital advertising in addition to Google Search and Display advertisements, completing the platform's entire digital services offering. The world is their oyster, whether they want to increase awareness for their office or generate more leads for specific products. Our most recent addition to our digital services is a brand-new ad campaign concept, which was launched in 2019, and is geared at AG brokers who want to vary their campaign aims by leveraging both Google and Facebook while also advertising specific AG items to boost brand loyalty. We updated this option in 2021 to include video campaigns as well as Instagram visibility.

  • 725+ Live websites
  • 300+ Digital marketing campaigns
  • 80+ Facebook pages

Onwards and upwards 

When the platform was launched at the end of 2015, it was a hit right away, winning an award for "Best Performing B2B Project" at the Bloovi DMA. 

In 2020, Facebook and Google launched more than 250 digital initiatives, and by 2021, the platform would have more than 700 websites. Every year, SQLI and AG aim to develop their digital services in order to increase brand loyalty while also assisting their brokers along the digital path. 

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