Eleven Sports

Eleven sports on the hunt for conversions

Sports is emotion, and Eleven Sports is LOVE! Real sports lovers will already be familiar with our client: Eleven Sports covers a wide range of live sports from all over the world. The brand asked SQLI to gain more awareness in Belgium both among their current subscribers and potential customers.

anytime, anywhere

The business model of Eleven Sports primarily centres around the acquisition of major international sports rights in smaller countries. The company operates linear television and/or digital services in Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Taiwan, and the United States. Basically, they sell passes to watch several sports branches, anytime and anywhere, on smartphone, tv, laptop, or tablet; postponed or live.

The challenge 

As most people are enjoying cocktails at beaches or sunny holidays, during the summer period there’s not so much action to watch for our sports lovers. That’s why Eleven Sports wanted to get them excited and already create some awareness before the new football, NBA, Cage Fighting or darts seasons started. Up to SQLI to make some fuss about the Eleven Sports packs and get people to subscribe. Or to stay within the sports vocab’: to kick it where it counts!

What we did to create awareness for Eleven Sports 

Simply the Best… 

… and better than all the rest! During the ‘Simply the best’ campaign we focused on the big faces and teams of the leagues Eleven Sports is currently broadcasting. The organic content posted by the Eleven Sports team got a push on awareness and we made additional assets to drive conversions, aka subscriptions. To generate qualified traffic & reach the most relevant audience, we created several target groups that were specifically interested in (one of) the leagues Eleven Sports airs. Additionally, we managed to find a new fan base of potential subscribers. We targeted fans of famous players or specific leagues (Bundesliga, Seria A etc.) and asked them to become a fan if they thought those players or leagues were ‘Simply The Best’. Simple, yet effective: we managed to get 3,3K page likes at the cost of only € 0,4 per new follower!

Promoting UFC Fights 

Eleven Sports offers live coverage of Cage fighting events from the UFC. Those big fight events don’t take place on a weekly basis, therefore we only focused on the main events. For each big fight we launch a campaign. We know from previous campaigns that we are able to convert many people these peak moments.

External media buying 

Finally, we also support Eleven Sports in their bannering on other platforms. We developed a set of HTML5 banners with the same visual identity as the social campaigns. In short, our collab with Eleven Sports is “simply the best”! Thanks to the SQLI campaigns we manage to generate mass awareness for the brand, sell lots of new subscriptions at a very reasonable price and, well, stay very informed about the results of all the sports leagues. Interesting talks during lunch guaranteed ;-)

The end score 

  • 150 new passes were sold on the Eleven Sports site before the start of the sports season. 

  • The Simply the Best campaign had a 1,25% Conversion rate 

  • 3.300 new football fans on the Facebook page at a cost of € 0,4/fan 

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