A new decorated home with the products of Berry Alloc


An influencer strategy for a sustainable flooring brand

When we say Berry, you say Alloc! Or at least, that’s what we were aiming at with our brand awareness campaign for flooring company BerryAlloc. To generate awareness around the brand in general and their vinyl & laminate floors in particular, we proposed a collaboration with both Belgian, Dutch and French styling experts and influencers. Goal: show off the difference a floor can make with a makeover giveaway. And you guessed right, the campaign totally made the difference! Let’s look at the results.

An Berry Alloc influencer painting a wall

About the brand

With a lot of competition in the flooring field, BerryAlloc wants to get their brand known with a larger public. They are specialized in high quality flooring solutions, but also try to reduce their impact on the environment with durable floors.

Social media content based on content of influencer made for Berry Alloc

How it all started

We were approached to simply propose & contact 10 micro influencers and offer them a floor to install at their place.

The end result

We proposed a full-on influencer strategy, that would generate way more awareness than a simple floor installation could do. And guess what, the client was totally floored! ;-)

A Berry Alloc influencer decorating her new home

Makeover time!

We created a campaign with 4 macro influencers and interior experts in every target country, who could give away a floor and makeover to one of their followers. The giveaway itself already generated a lot of buzz online, with lots of participants. Part 1 of creating awareness: check!

Next step: makeover time! The winner did not only receive the full installation of its chosen floor, its interior was also styled by the influencer. Lots of teasing stories were made by the influencer, winner and BerryAlloc, hinting about the result that would be shown a week later. A professional photographer was also present, to make some beautiful pictures of the result. Part 2 of creating awareness: check!

Finally, we created blog posts and social posts about the result for the BerryAlloc website and social channels. One makeover already allows us to create several inspiring blog posts and Meta, Pinterest & Youtube posts. So now, lots of materials to post all year round & keep creating awareness: check, check!

And the results?

The posts are going live in the coming weeks, so keep an eye on this blogpost to see some results verrrry soon!

To end this blogpost in style (sorry, we couldn’t resist): the floor is lava!

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