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With over 7.5 million social media users in Belgium, platforms like Facebook and YouTube are the top performers to reach new clients. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge on innovation and latest trends of several platforms, we create custom-made social media strategies and offer creative workshops, brainstorms and lectures. We make it our daily mission to spread our passion to create a close relationship between customers and brands on social media.

90% Belgian social media users

Free access for everyone 

The accessibility of Wi-Fi, smartphones, computers, gave social networks an enormous boost over the past decades. Almost 90% of the Belgian population in Belgium is an active social media user. Why do they use it? Around 60% has a fear of missing out on the news. For almost all digital natives, social media is part of their daily life. It also became a very time-consuming habit for most of them. As a matter of fact, that’s where the importance of social media marketing really comes to light.

"We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in."

Craig Davis

We share our digital knowledge with you 

As a company you want to reach the right customers on the right platforms. As so many people use social media, and it feels like each day a new platform pops up, understanding it can be quite difficult, let alone managing it. That’s why our experts give trainings and workshops to our clients. We love to bring some nuggets of knowledge about whatever digital topic our clients are interested in. Colruyt Group asked for a training about social media trends, performance marketing and influencer marketing while Panasonic loved our training about digital marketing KPI’s and marketplaces marketing. Let us know what you want to know and we’re happy to explain it in a language you’ll understand!

We help, you score 

The selection of social media channels needs to be a match with your target group and the message you’re bringing. With the high pace of change in the market, it is necessary to follow it closely and constantly reinvent yourself as a brand. Because we're a mix of very passionate social creatives and social strategists, we can help you to dive deep into your audience, be innovative, and elaborate a digital (social) media strategy. Our social media marketing services include:

  • Write your stories with the greatest care 
  • Send your messages into the world 
  • Translate content to (motion) design 
  • Set up your social advertising 
  • Distribute influencers for influencer marketing 
  • Optimize converting (e-commerce) media strategies 


In short: we make sure people see youshare you and want more of you

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