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Ever thought about connecting your brand or product with internet superstars? Influencer marketing is the way to make your brand or product part of an authentic online conversation. Let us find the right influencers for your brand, create out of the box concepts and a long-term strategy.

Influencers are the superstars, followers their fans 

Step one is to find your perfect influencer match to reach your massive potential fanbase. You can search for brand influencers, or we can help you select micro-, macro-, or even local influencers. Found your match made in heaven? Start creating concepts and ideas to wow your audience in the most authentic way possible. We’re always in for a challenge. For example, that’s why we picked TikTok as the n°1 platform for Advanced Power Solutions NV to generate awareness about their new alkaline battery EVOLTA NEO. This is niche influencer marketing, so we selected several photographers and gamers and asked them to amaze us with an EVOLTA NEO battery illusion. The results? Read all about it in our case.

Check how we used TikTok

If we go, we go all the way

To stand out as a brand, making the difference is key. That’s our tip for you to keep in mind when building an influencer marketing strategy. A clear strategy is key to reach the estimated business goals. BerryAlloc gave us the opportunity to create brand awareness all year round with digital influencers. This brand really took the floor! 92% of the buyers are more likely to trust recommendations from influencers than other ads.

That’s why we proposed a long-term ambassadorship for Eau Thermale Avène. We helped them to increase the interactions with their brand and build a much bigger online community on Instagram. Thanks to the influencers your brand gets great exposure, and that’s when you can say: mission accomplished! Discover our SQLI approach, because Yes!, it succeeded.

"People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic."

Seth Godin

Give us a chance to make you proud too? 

All in one 

Are you a new partner or looking for a different approach in your online marketing? We love to get to know your brand to the core. We want to help you get the best results, from start to finish:  

  • Find the right micro and macro, local influencers 
  • Develop your influencer marketing process 
  • Organize contests 
  • Installation on-site 
  • Write SEO-proof blog posts 
  • Create social media content  

We are already proud to be the digital partner of all these magnificent brands.

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