Master Data Management

Many companies in different industries are facing challenges related to managing their business data. Hence, business data can be an untapped resource that may potentially deliver business value so why no create a single source of truth?


What is Master Data Management?

Master Data Management (MDM) is the process of collecting, managing and publishing of master data according to your operational, sales, marketing and business strategies. It is a strategy and method to link all your critical data together in one single place.

Your data management impacts your finances, processes, customers, suppliers, and products. With Master Data Management (MDM) you define, manage, centralize, organize, categorize, localize, synchronize, and enrich master data. This allows you to create a single source of truth that is accessible to both internal and external stakeholders. This can include information about products, customers, suppliers, and employees in addition to other information sources that fuel your business.

The efficient management of master data in a central repository gives you a single authoritative view of information. This eliminates costly inefficiencies caused by data silos. MDM also supports your business initiatives through identification, linking and syndication of information across products, customers, stores/locations, employees, suppliers, digital assets and more.

What is master data management?

What can we offer?

Develop your Data Quality Business case

SQLI can help your business with developing your Data Quality Business case, exploring all potential options and pitfalls together. This includes:

  • Reviewing the types of risks related to poor product data quality and specifying data quality expectations based on those risks.
  • Clarifying what data quality means and defining data quality indicators.
  • Defining data quality rules that can be used for assessment and governance.
  • Identifying and measuring how poor data currently affects your business.
  • Designing data quality improvement processes.
  • Developing your data quality roadmap and building your information quality program

Request your MDM/PIM Implementation

We will help you to clearly define how your initiative to improve product data can support company objectives and strengthen the alignment between business and IT. The assessment uses your existing state as the baseline, provides hard facts for your decision-making, suggests measure for inspecting data quality, and determines the scope and best approach for this endeavour.

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