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Take full advantage of technology and let’s speed up your company’s digital transformation. From custom applications, external service centers, cloud migrations to application management and hosting. We’re the ones to help you out!

Our finding

An increasing number of tools go unadopted

The digitalization of tools and processes within businesses has resulted in an explosion of applications. Many of which were created without the involvement of end-users. As a result, these solutions aren't adopted because they aren't adapted to real end-user needs; this goes especially for mobile solutions.

For IT departments, the technological obsolescence and heterogeneity of these apps can be a serious burden. Changing their features is often complex and uneven, and for end-users it takes far too long to be implemented.

  • How can you deliver the digital solution that meets the needs of target users?
  • How can you manage your fleet of applications in an efficient and profitable way?
  • How can you evolve your applications with a competitive time-to-market?
our business aproach


Our approach

Our vision of technology is agnostic, pragmatic and user-centric. This is in our DNA.

We build technical environments for scalable platforms and custom solutions, including online and mobile apps, native Cloud apps, solution integration, and IS middleware integration. Because of the engagement and competence of our teams of digital enthusiasts, business value is our top focus.

We use methods to facilitate imagining, structuring, and implementing digital transformation.

Thirty years of belief in a user-centric approach

Since the 1990s, we have made it our vocation to put the user at the heart of even the most technical of our designs. Our guiding principle is to deliver value and find the right balance between users’ needs, business issues and IT challenges.

For this, our teams work on projects in three key areas:

  • User experience (UX), in particular with a Design Thinking approach
  • Agility, to understand and meet business teams’ needs
  • Technology and the tools and methodology used (DevOps, DevSecOps) for continuous deployment and delivery

Digital service centers to manage all of your applications

If your company has a significant number of applications with multiple technologies, working with an external service center could bring many benefits. 

Our service centers (in France, Morocco and Mauritius) let you rely on a single partner to manage your applications, offering you support from consulting and design to rollout and optimization. What are the benefits? Competitive time-to-market and optimal service quality in a holistic approach that emphasizes innovation. 

Our products and services

SAP Solutions

SQLI can assist in your digital transformation, with the help of our extensive SAP knowledge. From functional support in finance or logistic areas to the development of your customized solution in SAP R/3 or S/4 HANA: discover what we can do for you.

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Multi-technology expertise

Select the best technology to meet your challenges and support you in coming to grips with the various approaches and innovations. More than 1000 SQLI experts are at your disposal, ready to share their expertise and solutions.

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Innovative service centers

Consider outsourcing your digital production, to ensure optimal service quality for all your digital applications. Our service centers around the world are ready to make your digital life a whole lot simpler.

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Discover our technology & transformation services

SAP has been the central pillar of the SQLI service portfolio for more than 25 years. No wonder we have a range of expertise and SAP solutions to help businesses with their digital transformation. We developed various offerings and secured more than 200 SAP customer successes in Belgium and in Europe, in multiple industries both with SAP R/3 and now S/4 HANA.


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It's a significant challenge to digitalize a core business process or create a digital product that's in sync with your consumers' wants and needs, while also satisfying time-to-market, performance, and optimization requirements.


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Are you looking for digital experts to create an innovative and industrialized system that will help you effectively carry out your digital strategy?


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