Digital Branding Strategy

A Branding Strategy is a detailed plan that focuses on the long-term development of your brand purpose and acts as a guide to help you communicate this purpose to your target audience. All instances of brand expression should tell your audience what your brand is offering, not just in terms of product, but also in terms of value, culture and position.

A Branding Strategy describes how you differentiate yourself from the competition with a noticeable and unique identity. People are not making purchase decisions solely based on price or quality, but also on what a brand says, does and stands for. The digital world takes a prominent place in this decision-making process. Digital platforms and social media distinguish themselves from classic marketing channels because they can both adapt to, and influence user behavior.

By means of new apps and updated features, they constantly keep providing people and brands with innovative ways to engage with each other. Therefore, having a good Digital Branding Strategy is key, not only in terms of ROI, but especially regarding digitally supporting crucial elements such as brand awareness, trust, loyalty and advocacy. And in this age of competitive marketing, building a long-term relationship with your audience is truly priceless.

How SQLI creates successful Digital Branding Strategies:

Have a look at our 6-step action plan to discover how we develop winning Digital Branding Strategies:

We kick off with a workshop to gain clarity about your purpose, vision, mission, and values. We want to define the why, what and how behind your brand so that we can align the digital strategy with both: your business goals and the needs of your audience.

Understanding your audience ties directly into your brand success and acceptance. Who are you trying to connect with? What do they want/need? We help you to segment your audience by creating Buyer Personas, allowing us to focus on the unique needs of every audience segment.

Who shares your space? Who will you be competing with for attention? We conduct a competitive analysis which uncovers the similarities and differences between your digital strategy and the competition to help you identify a unique way you can outplay them.

We help you to discover your Brand Personality: the very own characteristics and attributes of your brand. Your Brand Personality reflects your brand core and brand identity, influenced by your beliefs and demonstrated in your actions. People look for authentic brands with a clear story that speak to them in an appropriate Tone of Voice.

In this stage we develop a value proposition. Brand messaging is a concise representation of all the functional and emotional benefits your product can offer your audience. It’s a statement that gives an answer to the problem your audience is facing. This step can also include your Brand Pillar Messages, the major benefits that make your brand unique.

Finally, we use the above findings as fuel to create an individual, appealing and future-proof visual identity. A strong visual brand identity makes a solid impression, represents exactly who you are, and separates you from the competition. Think of responsive logos, clear typography (suited to every medium), and powerful brand colors. Also expect a guide to strong photography, a unique illustration style, distinctive iconography, interactive elements, video and motion design. In order to maintain quality and consistence, we wrap your Visual Identity in a comprehensive Digital Brand Guide with clear verbal and visual guidelines.

In every step of this process, SQLI has digital specialists to guide you on your way. From strategists to communications specialists to art directors and motion designers. Together with you, we craft a Digital Branding Strategy for long-term success.

So now you have an effective Digital Branding Strategy that identifies your brand purpose and values. It explains how to communicate your story verbally and visually in a unique way and attracting the right people to convert them in long-term customers. Maybe you also wish guidance in putting your Digital Brand Strategy into action? Find out how we create compelling content supporting your brand message, going from a compelling video to a snackable social post.

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