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Drive e-business with a solid strategy and roadmap. We transform 30+ years of marketing & e-com experiences into proven strategic approaches for both B2B and B2C brands to help them achieve tangible success.

Capitalize on digital opportunities 

In a world that is constantly changing and evolving, companies must reinvent themselves in order to become more efficient and to fulfill the expectations of new customers. Digitalization has transformed the economy, which has resulted in new employment and consumer habits. The development of these new services and products was encouraged thanks to the heavy competition that is still present in many sectors.


As a result, speeding up your digital transformation has become vital, even when this process comes with numerous strategic and operational challenges: 

  • How to design and deliver the experience that will set you apart from the competition?
  • How to adapt and unify your organization to accelerate your digital transformation?
  • Which technological solutions are most suitable for your problems? 
  • How to increase your turnover and secure your ROI?

Best-suited approach

A hands-on digital, marketing & performance strategy

We support management teams, operational departments, business units and IT departments to develop a common innovative vision that uses opportunities offered by digital resources. In order to establish the best-suited digital & marketing strategy and performance metrics, we make sure to completely understand your corporate plan. 

Our teams of experienced consultants work together in a structured collaborative approach. With their hands-on mentality and taking Design Thinking as inspiration, they highlight added value adapted to each user. Thanks to their experience they offer our B2B and B2C customers organizational digitalization in all facets. Our multi-disciplinary teams are involved from the upstream phases to the deployment and operational monitoring of solutions.

Expertise to grow in this digital era

We guide businesses through their digital transformations by combining the expertise needed to grow and thrive in the digital era. We help our customers with their data, modern business processes and new technologies to create efficient digital experiences and develop digital talent and culture. We offer well-thought-out guidance based on a user-centric approach, which we align with our expertise. Result? We can choose the most favorable approaches to meet your challenges: coaching, technical expertise, facilitation, consulting, auditing, etc.

"Despite the lockdown, there was no shortage in commitment on behalf of the SQLI teams. A close and trusting relationship was immediately established. The collaborative approach was a core aspect in the relationship. SQLI has also demonstrated its proactivity, and we were well advised, from the call for tenders, with a well-identified and well-supplied backlog."

Adeline Dejy Digital Solutions Manager, Gravotech

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A Branding Strategy is a detailed plan that focuses on the long-term development of your brand purpose and acts as a guide to help you communicate this purpose to your target audience. All instances of brand expression should tell your audience what your brand is offering, not just in terms of product, but also in terms of value, culture and position.


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Back in the day, brands could buy TV spots or advertising space to increase sales and awareness. Nowadays, we want and need more impact. The effective online marketing expertise of SQLI will give your brand or product a boost you’ve never seen before. Let us find your digital sweet spot, create the content your brand deserves, and do the set-up of your marketing funnel approach from awareness to conversion.


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With over 7.5 million social media users in Belgium, platforms like Facebook and YouTube are the top performers to reach new clients. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge on innovation and latest trends of several platforms, we create custom-made social media strategies and offer creative workshops, brainstorms and lectures. We make it our daily mission to spread our passion to create a close relationship between customers and brands on social media.


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To assure your company’s growth, digital has become essential. It requires investments and, in some cases, a shift in business strategy. SQLI’s e-commerce consulting team brings its vision and expertise to define the best digital commerce strategy for you. We establish a roadmap and align your company’s various departments, while securing your ROI.


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Do you have a clear vision and strategy and can you identify the changes when needed? SQLI can help you to make optimal use of new technologies to stay on top of a rapidly changing market. Contact us because we love challenges.


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Many questions arise when working on a digital project: what exactly do I want to provide for my users? What opportunities and innovations do I need to meet the demands? How does this project fit into the (digital) strategy of my company? How can I improve the efficiency of my current service?


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In a market that is constantly becoming more competitive, innovation is a significant driver of performance. We rely on our employees' creative spirit and a forward-thinking approach to identify, design, and develop this innovation. Technology is for everyone but is sadly not everyone’s expertise.


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