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Corporate Social Responsibility

SQLI places a high priority on corporate social responsibility. It manifests itself in our responsibilities to our employees as well as to everyone else in our ecosystem.

Our social commitment

SQLI's social commitment focuses on a variety of themes related to human resources, recruitment, and health. One of the cornerstones of our HR and CSR strategy is equal opportunity in the broadest sense.

The Covid-19 health crisis dominated the year 2020. Despite the exceptional scenario, SQLI swiftly implemented a particular action plan to protect employee health and ensure the best working and welfare conditions.

  • 3,53 /5 Happy Trainees rating
  • 89 /100 Gender equality index
  • Top 25 of the highest ranked companies by Ecovadis
  • 72 /100 A steadily improving Gaïa rating

When it comes to recruitment, career advancement, and professional training, SQLI has diversity written into its DNA and takes great effort to carry out its operations in accordance with non-discrimination principles.

Every year, around 200 trainees, work placement students, and professionals on professional training contracts join SQLI. We are committed to assisting them in developing their skills from the beginning of their career! We have a specific e-learning tool, among other things, that expands the range of internal and external training options.

In addition to making use of the ESAT (Etablissements de Service et d’Aide par le Travail) and EA (Entreprises Adaptées) for services and the procurement of supplies, SQLI has established a long-term cooperation with Talentéo, inclusive digital media, and has participated in the SEEPH (European Week for the Employment of People with Disabilities) since 2019.

The enormous health crisis has flipped our working techniques on their heads and continues to do so. While waiting for a gradual return to normal after the Covid-19 crisis, SQLI established a dedicated working structure and a communications plan.

  • 2 Cyber World Clean Up Days
  • 80k Bees sponsored
  • 300 Trees planted

Our environmental commitment

Every year, SQLI expands its "green" initiatives, such as a travel reduction strategy, free reusable bottles and cups for staff, reduced printing, and selecting suppliers who provide "fair" products and conduct. SQLI also collaborates with associations to conduct internal awareness initiatives.

SQLI prefers HQE certified buildings for the establishment or relocation of its branches, just as it does for its headquarters and many of its existing branches. These structures allow for effective resource management, particularly water and power, as well as garbage sorting and material recycling.

Every act in favor of the environment is significant. SQLI has been participating in Cyber World Cleanup Day as a digital stakeholder since 2020, an event that brings the Group's employees together to learn how to reduce our everyday data consumption.

SQLI has planted 300 trees on a Moroccan agroforestry site in collaboration with Reforest'Action. This initiative is part of an economic and social program that intends to give local communities support for self-sufficiency, economic development, and food security, in addition to CO2 storage and oxygen generation.

80,000 bees sponsored by SQLI collect nectar from the safety of two hives supported by Un toit pour les abeilles in the Toulouse and Ile de France regions. Bees are important biodiversity friends because they aid in pollination and, as a result, in the reproduction of more than 80% of plant species as well as the production of more than 34% of the world's crops (fruit, vegetables, etc.).