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Smartphones are an essential touchpoint for reaching out to a variety of populations. Companies nowadays are fully aware, however, that having a mobile strategy does not necessary imply creating a mobile app as it is not always the most relevant way to meet the expected use.

Our approach

A user-first approach

Putting the focus of your mobile strategy on its users is the key to bringing them the greatest value. We need to guarantee a smooth mobile integration into the user journey to achieve the best business results. In other cases, the technological strategy must be chosen based on how users would use the provided features, as well as the expected performances.

Our value proposition

User-centric mobile systems

In order to target the right area and choose the best fitted distribution channel, we take your acquisition, retention, user experience, and above all, ROI challenges into account.

End-to-end support

Our team will work with you along the value chain of your project, in order to get the best of the user experience / cost / time-to-market trio.

Through the consultancy and strategy, followed by scoping and design phases, we can guide the mobile strategy based on your global strategy. That's also the moment to define the vision of your solution and design the experience. We then develop features and test their proper functioning. After that, we'll set up production and make sure the service stays up and running. Finally, our marketing experts will help you promoting the solution and measure the performance.

An agnostic approach to technology

We select the technology approach that is the best fit for your requirements: hybrid or native Progressive Web Application. We determine the intended application and assess your needs in terms of performance, accessibility, development, cost, and time-to-market. Get in touch and see what we can do for you!

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