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How SQLI activated AG’s digital awareness and footprint

Increasing brand loyalty and supporting insurance brokers as they enter the digital market: that’s the challenge AG Insurance put to us. Want to see how we activated their digital awareness and footprint?

This award-winning insurance company has more than 190 years of experience and expertise on the Belgian market, offering insurance solutions to banks like BNP Paribas Fortis, Bpost and Fintro, but also to independent insurance brokers. They live and breathe their motto “Supporter of your life”. 

Tackling a gap in digital services 

In 2015, AG Insurance contacted SQLI to brainstorm for some ideas in order to increase brand loyalty with their insurance brokers – therefore increasing their profit, and at the same time offer them digital know-how to help them to expand their digital footprint.

Want some digital know-how?

Enter WeActivate, the platform 

SQLI developed a set of digital services on a custom-built Drupal platform to boost the activity between AG and their brokers.  

To guarantee user-friendliness, this platform was linked up to AG’s existing loyalty program: this means that every broker can get digital services for free dependent on their loyalty to the AG-brand.  

Additionally, brokers who are less tech-savvy can turn to the platform and order whatever service they require and receive guidance and support in taking their first digital steps. 

Since the conception of the WeActivate platform, there have been many challenges, changes and additions: 

online in less than a day


A real must-have in the digital age, SQLI made it very easy and quick to have your own website. Choosing from several, ever-expanding custom-made Drupal templates which can be personalized according to the broker’s own wishes, a fully professional website can be created and put online in less than one day. But what with the fierce legal guidelines that an insurance broker website needs to uphold? Together with AG, SQLI developed the websites to be compliant with the very strict FSMA legal requirements. In 2018 we made provisions to be compliant with GDPR-rules as well. The brokers themselves can rest easy that their website is up-to-date, legally and digitally: there are constant content updates and new features that are added (video banners, new templates, etc.), most of them inspired by broker requests.

more visibility, more leads

Social Media Management 

Well content updates, that’s all very well, but if your broker office is lacking visibility, who will read them? Cue for our web development team to create a way to push news items to the office’s own Facebook page, so their clients can stay up-to-date across channels.

Digital advertisements 

Starting off with Google Search and Display campaigns, brokers can sign up for digital campaigns as well, completing the full digital services offer on the platform. Whether to create more visibility for their office, or more leads to certain types of products, the world is their proverbial oyster. Our latest addition to the digital services is a brand-new ads campaign concept, launched in 2019, aimed at AG brokers who want to diversify their campaign goals using both Google and Facebook, and promoting specific AG products which increases their brand loyalty too. In 2021, we expanded this offer further to allow for video campaigns and Instagram visibility as well.

  • 725+ Live websites
  • 300+ Digital marketing campaigns
  • 80+ Facebook pages

Onwards and upwards 

When the platform was first launched at the end of 2015 it took off immediately: SQLI even won an award at the Bloovi DMA “Best Performing B2B project”. In 2020 more than 250 digital campaigns were launched on Facebook and Google and in 2021 the platform counts more than 700 websites overall. SQLI and AG strive to improve on digital services every year, to increase brand loyalty but also to assist their brokers every step of the digital way. Curious how SQLI can be a supporter of your digital project?

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