Ethics & Compliance

The SQLI Group's ethics are expressed through core values that are designed to govern all employees' working behaviors: responsibility, integrity, mutual respect, objectivity, loyalty, and trust.

The following principles are an extension of the Group's values:

  • Dedication refers to our dedication to all of our projects. Getting to know our customers. Participating in the process.
  • Being creative, sometimes a pioneer, always imaginative, inquiring, open, and linked to everyone, is what "a creative spirit" entails.
  • Anticipating is referred to "forward thinking." Going above and beyond. Being one step ahead of the competition. Boldness is bolstered by experience. Daring.
Download SQLI Ethics Committee’s internal rules

Our Code of Conduct outlines our commitment to the law and to people, as well as our obligations to our customers and other Group stakeholders. It is the bedrock of our moral culture.

Under no circumstance can a performance goal excuse a violation of the restrictions outlined in this Code.

The Code lays out the expectations for employees and corporate executives, as well as the systems for detecting and resolving any conduct issues.

Download SQLI code of conduct