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How can we help? At SQLI we have got all the in-house expertise concerning smart marketing options: from social media marketing in all its aspects, over influencer marketing, to stunning visual creations to persuade your target audience. 

And when all that beautiful content has been created, posted and boosted, we make sure there is a marketing automation solution to gather all that data: efficiently, with a minimum of manual fuzz. Because we want to create and design the best digital experience, customer journeys and strategy for your brand, so your (sales) objectives are met.  

Create powerful experiences to never forget

In digital marketing and design, there are numerous obstacles to overcome: How can you make your brand experience better? How can you boost the amount of traffic? What methods do you use to generate fresh leads? How do you win over people to use your service? How do you turn them into loyal clients? 

The answers can be found by two key approaches:  

  1. Create user-centric digital systems to increase satisfaction, capture attention, win over users and make it easier for them to use it. 
  2. Implement a targeted digital marketing and content strategy to improve website traffic, retain visitors, convert leads to customers and increase your sales. 
A social media advertising carousel made by SQLI Ghent for FMCG brands in the Food sector in Belgium

How we made it work:

Work on the customers touchpoints 

In order to improve the user experience at each stage of the journey:  

  • Carry out quantitative and qualitative studies: UX Research approaches allow you to understand the behavior of your users and customers.  

  • Provide customized journeys: turn to a CX (Customer Experience) designer to work on each phase of the customer journey.  

  • Carry out the design of your service: our UX and UI designers support you at every step of the process, from design to implementation.  

Be visible 

Using A/B testing (Conversion Rate Optimization) and continuous optimization methodologies, our web analytics professionals can help you properly measure the efficacy of each campaign, communications action and visit. This will help you grow your sales and enhance your marketing ROI.  

We can help you to:  

  • Set up a SEO plan (natural referencing) for search engines 

  • Develop SEA (Search Engine Advertising) on Google Ads or Bing Ads 

  • Create marketing campaigns, both outbound (emails) and inbound (content), combined with use of a CRM tool 

Aim for full support 

All aspects of your online and digital marketing projects are handled by our multidisciplinary teams. Our clients in banking and insurance, retail, luxury, industry, and energy sectors already benefit from our global support (strategic consulting, experience design, digital marketing), as well as our experience managing and governing cross-cutting projects, particularly in international markets. 

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Discover all our digital marketing and design services

Social media marketing can make or break your brand. With the right approach a powerful image can render thousands of likes and your online sales can increase by 300%. Like these odds? Then you need motion and all-round designers, social media experts, performance marketers, and strategists. And we have the perfect team waiting for you.


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Content is key for (potential) buyers and business growth. It’s all about creating written or visual content around an idea to bring added value to your potential customers. That’s why we specialize in digital content, content creation, content design and much more.


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Ever thought about connecting your brand or product with internet superstars? Influencer marketing is the way to make your brand or product part of an authentic online conversation. Let us find the right influencers for your brand, create out of the box concepts and a long-term strategy.


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SQLI offers solutions via Marketing Automation and CRM platforms and supports you during every stage. Results will be seen in your customer base, sales and your revenue since the platforms are all about collecting and tracking metrics to optimize your efforts, spending and results. Get ready to welcome a new autonomous assistant for your daily activities!

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What if you already possess the right content but you’re trying to push it to the right audience? SQLI to the rescue! Our experienced strategy and performance team is here to help you with performance-based marketing and a set-up that converts beyond your expectations. A quick and measurable win for everybody!


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Our strategy is built on the Design Thinking process. This approach tries to frequently improve user interface design. What is our user-experience (UX) strategy? Focusing on users to discover challenges they come across, determining the goals that need to be met for our clients, and co-developing the service's web design.


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