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In a market that is constantly becoming more competitive, innovation is a significant driver of performance. We rely on our employees' creative spirit and a forward-thinking approach to identify, design, and develop this innovation. Technology is for everyone but is sadly not everyone’s expertise. 

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A pragmatic intelligence approach

We want to inspire our clients; we scan the horizon to stay ahead of the market in terms of use cases and technologies, which we then compare to reality during the user immersion stage. Indeed, our user-centric concern guides us in identifying their issues and problems. It helps generating ideas using a learning, pragmatic and collective intelligence approach. We believe that testing solutions with real users is essential; to measure the real value, and to adjust the problem-solution-market equation. This enables us to make sure we have the right product for the right users, as well as the best fitted business strategy.

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How we start creating value

All innovation must contribute to the company's strategic objectives in order to be successful and create value. This should be the starting point for your innovation strategy. It will assist you in determining the type of innovation to pursue, as well as the methods to use. To be effective, you should identify or anticipate user demands and experiment with new technologies, processes, and tools. That way you’ll understand them better and it is easier to align everything so that your idea may be validated on a target market as soon as possible. Our iterative approach, which is heavily influenced by Design Thinking, prioritizes the user to better understand the context of usage, to expand the field of options and swiftly test the solution in real-world scenarios. The ultimate goal: to create a product that is feasible, viable, and desirable.

What follows

A LAB puts life into your innovation approach by facilitating the development of ideas and concepts and providing the tools needed to put it into action. It also motivates you to research user and consumer behavior, so you can come up with fresh ways to evolve. Naturally, this leads to the formation of new markets which can be exploited. Finally, it allows collaborations for developing new ideas which can flow out of user experiments.

A LAB allows you to industrialize the development of innovative ideas and to lead a community around innovation. Some examples of cross-cutting LAB quests and challenges:  

  • Give shape to a concept and transform it into a product  

  • Speed up the maturation of an idea (often too cautiously)  

  • Bring internal and external stakeholders together (catalyst network)  

  • Acculturate employees to the innovation  


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