Field Service Management

Field Service Management, or FSM, is an SAP cloud solution (SaaS) to streamline the execution of your customer services and optimize your workforce in the field.

What’s FSM? 

Field Service Management, or FSM, is an SAP cloud solution (SaaS) to streamline the execution of your customer services and optimize your workforce in the field. It consists of several modules – you can pick and choose which ones would benefit your organization the most – which can be integrated into your existing IT landscape (ERP Back-end, Customer portal, CRM application...). 

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The benefits of FSM, all in a row  

As a business organization efficiency is key in all areas of operation, not in the least your customer support. FSM can help you with this to make sure that you 

  • Increase your customer satisfaction, by executing services on time and communicate technician arrivals 
  • Increase your employee satisfaction too, from the people at Customer support to the technicians in the field 
  • Share real-time information concerning availability of people and stock 
  • Trust the data you have acquired as it is all centralized 
  • Lose less time and money thanks to a fully optimized process 

Next to these benefits, you can also rely on a regular release strategy for updates, which you can choose to implement or not, and be sure you have a secure and accessible cloud solution and can rely on 24/7 support by SAP. 

But you can always read for yourself what FSM can do for you in our blog about FSM and customer satisfaction

What are the possibilities of FSM?

This cloud solution consists of several modules that will help your organization to work more efficiently. The Planning & Dispatching, Mobile Application and Customer Self Service are probably the ones bringing immediate added value to your processes. All can be implemented gradually, starting with the Planning & Dispatching board. 

Let's go over the modules and what they can do for you:  

This module lies at the heart of any FSM set-up: it offers real-time, automated workforce scheduling, planning and dispatching of technicians or other mobile workforce personnel. 


What can it do?  

  • A drag-and-drop interface allows for easy access and a flexible way of working 
  • Skills management, so you can organize the workload and schedules according to specific skill sets 
  • Leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to facilitate scheduling, being semi-automatic or even fully automatic scheduling by SAP FSM 
  • Optimize intervention routes with map views, based on distance or time plugins as example

When your planning manager has concluded the scheduling, it is automatically pushed to your field service technicians via the FSM mobile app; the information can be accessed online and offline.  


What can it do? 

  • It empowers technicians so they can focus on the issue at hand, without having to worry about their schedule. 
  • It allows mapping and GPS-tracking, mobile checklists and pictures
  • Based on this, automatic emails and / or SMS can be sent to final customers to inform them the technician is on its way. 
  • They can manage time, material and expenses when on the road. 
  • At the end of the intervention, the app registers the electronic signature and feedback of the customer

Help your customers help themselves, using a handy portal which they can use to schedule the intervention themselves.  


What can it do?  

  • Schedule your own appointment via the portal or mobile app. 
  • Have 24/7 support using interactive dialogue via chatbot 
  • Access to relevant product and service information 
  • Keep your customers informed with real-time notifications

These modules are part of the cloud solution and can be added at the same or at a later stage. They will allow you to gather more data to further improve the workflow processes, and ultimately your bottom-line. 


  • Crowd management 

When you use external contractors a lot, this is the module for you. It allows you to transfer the service calls you want them to hand and, if desires to have a detailed view of their schedules in a very orderly fashion, so they are kept up to speed regarding their workload as well.  


  • Smartform & Feedback 

Why not have your customers fill out a small survey to gauge their experience? This can be fed back into your ERP database for analysis and continuous improvement of your customer service.


  • Reporting 

Gather all of the data regarding interventions into neat reports which allow you to track all of the benefits of FSM for your bottom-line. To be noticed that all SAP FSM data are easily manageable in SAC (SAP Analytical Cloud) solutions. 


  • IOT (Internet-Of-Things) 

You can also hook up your FSM solution to the internet in order to automatically send out warnings, or invitations for scheduled interventions


Want to know more about these modules: have a look at our FSM blog

SQLI can help 

As a trusted SAP partner for decades, we are very experienced in implementing SAP solutions, tailored to your needs and processes. We make sure that your FSM system is completely adapted to your existing ERP-system, whether it is an SAP solution or not. Added bonus: why not hook up your FSM solution to your existing Back Office Service too, for extra convenience and centralization of data.  

Get in touch with our experts to see how we can lift your customer service processes to a higher level and improve business satisfaction and your bottom-line. 

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