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From organic always-on to media buying for Collect&Go

Collect&Go already says ‘you’re welcome’ in its slogan, because you will be thankful for how easy grocery shopping is with their pick-up service. A digital evolution we can only encourage. And participate in! For the past year, we have been creating content for the Collect&Go social media platforms and just like you’re used from us: we went the extra mile.

A performance strategy for retail customer

Collect your groceries in 5 steps with Collect&Go

Since 2000, customers can reserve their groceries online with a computer or smartphone and collect their order the next day at one of the 200+ Collect&Go points. A welcome service in this busy era. Want to go for a run today? Spend some extra time with family? Or try out a new hobby? Imagine the time you’re saving by picking out your groceries online.


Started with organic...


SQLI was ready for the challenge: creating organic social media content for Meta. We analysed their current channels, came up with formats and made sure it was all visually coherent. But of course SQLI wouldn’t be SQLI if we didn’t go beyond expectations.

… now we’re here!

We’re having so much fun with the content we create! Instagram Story quizzes, 360° photos, galleries, polls: all the formats that make engagement rates peak! That’s why the numbers are fun to look at too. Check out the gallery on the right for example.

We achieved an organic engagement rate of 16%! And the video statistics make our hearts beat faster too. With our best posts, we easily receive tons of organic views. Not bad, not bad.

But we wanted to do better! Collect&Go decided to take us on board of the marketing train completely:

  • We’re now involved in creating the social part for their campaigns. For example: for the End-of-Year campaign, we created 7 Facebook posts and a complete Instagram grid to support the offline communication. Collect&Go is also always working on its image and to continue that story online, we created a full Instant Experience.
  • Bannering is our cup of tea too, and Collect&Go decided to take full advantage of that. Creating complete banner sets for the Collect&Go campaigns became a standard.
  • And offline we proved our worth as well. For Compliment Day they asked our input for the offline concept. Our idea: compliments that stick. We designed stickers with compliments on them, so people could use them to spread some joy! The idea was completely integrated on social media with GIF stickers, an Instagram template and videos.

In short, after only a few months we are more than ‘the agency for the organic posts’. We managed to become their creative and strategic partner for online and offline content. Some results after 6 months of working for Collect&Go:

  • 600 extra organic followers on Instagram
  • 33M+ organic impressions
  • 150+ organic posts

2021: bring it on!

2020 might not have been the most awesome year, but that wasn’t the case for the collaboration between Collect&Go and Wax Interactive. Everyone is having such a good time, that Collect&Go decided to let Wax do the social media buying. Remember what we said about the organic results? Well, imagine what we can accomplish with paid posts!

Social media buying for Collect&Go

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