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SAP solutions

SAP has been the central pillar of the SQLI service portfolio for more than 25 years. No wonder we have a range of expertise and SAP solutions to help businesses with their digital transformation. We developed various offerings and secured more than 200 SAP customer successes in Belgium and in Europe, in multiple industries both with SAP R/3 and now S/4 HANA.

Why should you consider SAP?

Digital transformation impacts every company nowadays; markets are evolving quickly, customers-oriented strategy is a key basis, partner relationships are crucial, and operations must adapt continuously.

Our very experienced team of dedicated and experienced SAP consultants - averaging 15+ years of SAP Consulting experience - gathered unique knowledge and put it to good use so you can build sustainable foundations for the future of your organization.

our SAP experts help you with every SAP solution
  • 1000 e-Commerce experts
  • 200+ projects completed
  • 100 certified
  • 20 years of partnership

Our mission

Optimize to increase workflows

Our team of dedicated consultants assists you with green- and brownfield SAP implementations, both with On-Premise and Cloud solutions. Being an SAP PCOE Partner (Partner Center of Expertise), SQLI can also provide crucial aid on existing system maintenance and complex evolutions; after all, optimizing can increase efficiency in your workflows and general business processes.

Besides SAP ERP core systems Consulting, we also offer end-to-end processes integration with SAP and non-SAP data sources (on premise, Cloud and Hybrid) like CRM, Marketing and Commerce systems. Because we know what to do with all that big data: check out our Marketing Automation, Personalization or Database solutions.

We are also a recognized SAP Partner for specific SAP solutions like:

  • SAP Field Service Management (FSM)
  • SAP Vendor Invoice Management (VIM)
  • SAP Callidus CPQ
  • SAP Qualtrics

Our approach

Go for the highest customer experience

Our certified consultants can perform through different types of project management methodologies, keeping in mind system efficiency and flexibility, to secure highest customer experience and satisfaction standards. Want to know more? Let us know; we would be happy to demonstrate what SAP solutions we can offer to improve and enhance your digital transformation.

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