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As a business you are looking to build brand loyalty and increase and your sales, and this in the most time-efficient way possible. Optimize your digital marketing strategy with personalization features brought to you by marketing automation, across all your digital platforms and customer databases.

Hello potential customer!

SQLI can offer a whole range of implementations to personalize your homepage, newsletters, customer platforms, etc. Because in an ever-evolving digital landscape, where third-party cookies will become a thing of the past, your customer database is becoming increasingly important to the efficient running of your business.

"Don’t open a bar if you think all you need to be is social and greet the customers. You have to run a business."

Jon Taffer

Gather round the customer data – How to

Using an omnichannel approach, you need to gather as much information as possible from your clients to store in your Customer Data Platform.  That way each potential client – known to you or anonymous – gets a profile which gets updated with each interaction.

In your CPD database you should have added a clear segmentation, so the information you receive can be used to create specific target groups and audiences. Examples of segmentation you can add are gender, age group, topics of interest, their location, their device choice, how they behave when surfing and interacting on your website, etc. The possibilities are endless. Don’t have a CPD yet, or a segmentation that works for your brand? We can help with that too.

Data: check, now what?

Now you have your target groups and the information you need to create personal and specific content, because customers like to feel special and are more likely to engage with your brand and brand content if they feel it is relevant to their lives and interests. Get everything out of newsletters, banners, landing pages, social media so your (potential) customers build brand loyalty. Younger generations of digital natives increasingly expect some form of personalization from brands nowadays. And Google quite likes it too. Have we won you over to make the investment yet?

The circle of digital life

The beauty of marketing automation is that once it has been established, it keeps on going. Through call-to-actions in your communications (see above), you continue to build customer profiles. Implement contact forms for extra info, track behavioral triggers, and store everything in your CDP to expand your segmentation, or to finetune existing profiles. When well-maintained, personalization will result in a higher customer engagement, which ultimately means higher sales and brand strength.

At SQLI we have the expertise to guide, assist and develop everything you need for your omnichannel approach, with personalization flourishes to make sure your business can grow into its digital future.

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