Roadmap definition

Do you have a clear vision and strategy and can you identify the changes when needed? SQLI can help you to make optimal use of new technologies to stay on top of a rapidly changing market. Contact us because we love challenges!

Roadmap to a successful digital strategy

Success in digital depends on the orchestration of many components. That is why it is important to give proper attention to all relevant domains, including Financial-, Product/Market-, Customer-, Organizational-, and Technical perspectives.

Where are you heading?

Determining your short- and long-term objectives goes hand in hand with how you want to achieve them. It is hard to define proper goals if you do not know how to get there. So, together we will take a closer look at your strategy and ambitions.

  • Customer selection: Who and where is your customer? - Which online/offline sales channels will you use to reach him?
  • Value proposition: What makes you stand out from the competition? - Price, features, service
  • Business case: How will you make it profitable? - What does the business case look like
  • Activities: What is your core business and who are your partners? - What will you do internally and what is better outsourced?
  • Managing success: How will you ensure sustainable success – Consider internal stakeholder management and governance of financial and non-financial goals

What do you need?

In a second step we will review your business processes across all relevant domains in your organization. What is their status? and how do they align with your strategy and ambitions?

A gap analysis will show you the strengths but also the weakest links in your organization and application landscape. Using high level pain/gain analysis or a complete Profit & Loss overview we will assess what changes will contribute most to a positive business case. And because every single case is different, all steps are executed in co-creation with you, leading to a shared understanding of your needs and priorities.

How to get started

We get the ball rolling by preparing a solution paper that respects both the technical and strategic landscape of your company. This paper also includes a shortlist with potential candidates, taking all RFI and RFP requirements into account. After deciding on the perfect solution together with you we create a tailored roadmap, comprised of short- and long-term goals, and everything in between. This way we realize both the smooth implementation of your new platform as well as its continued successful operation.

What to do when

How can we translate the strategy into concrete features, processes, and actions? Your journey to digital maturity can be translated into a business- and operating model that will define the prioritization of concrete requirements.

We will help you to create a roadmap that respects both the technical and strategic landscape of your company. It typically includes changes in your IT/application landscape, internal organization, partner collaborations, and end-to-end processes. All set against forecasted profits, investments and running costs. With the right ambition level and the right timing we keep the roadmap feasible and realistic at all stages.

We can also help you to select, optimise, and integrate the right systems and tools within your landscape. Together we will increase your business performance by automating tasks, reducing costs, and maximising efficiency.

By having all systems communicate with each other while each having its own place within the process, we’ll setup the optimal flows to help you provide the ultimate customer journey. We do this by leveraging sound technology and our know-how after more than 30 years of digital experience.

The outcome of this process is a realistic strategy and a visual roadmap that prioritizes all initiatives across different perspectives.

How to be successful

Our goal is not just to create a great roadmap, but to get real world results and we help you in putting your plans in action by:

  • Executing the tasks, working in blended teams, sourcing the right experts at the right time.
  • Developing a data- and insights driven approach leveraging Operational- and Experience data.
  • Handing over tools that enable the organization to monitor progress and make early adjustments when needed.
  • Offering continuous support for all aspects of the program.
Want to be successful too?

Selecting the right solution for your business

“Which solution is the best fit for my company and offers all the functionality we need?” A common question and for good reason. With so many vendors and solutions currently available on the market, it’s more important than ever to answer this question correctly. This not only guarantees your immediate commercial success, it also ensures your perfect match is future proof. Thanks to both our market and customer experience, SQLI is most certainly up to the task of guiding you on this journey. We have the expertise to help you identify which solution provides the functionality, flexibility, and scalability to meet your strategy and business requirements.


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