Website performance

The internet presence of a company has become inseparable from its brand image. Nowadays, users have high expectations of the ease with which they can navigate and interact with digital systems. This component is heavily influenced by the website's technical performance: pauses in your website's availability or long loading times are extremely damaging in terms of conversions, brand image and even your search engine rankings.

Our approach

It all starts with monitoring

Therefore, it’s important to closely monitor your website regarding three areas in particular:

  • Technical: Anticipate problems and improve efficiency
  • Experience: detect and analyze user issues
  • Business: monitor your business KPIs

Our value proposition

Assistance with continuous improvement

By integrating monitoring tools and giving support with continuous development, our professionals assist you in regularly monitoring and analyzing the performance of your website.

Our objective: align IT and business teams via a shared platform and KPIs.

An operational and business vision

We assist our clients with four levels of application performance monitoring:

  • Responsive performance: easily identify errors, rationalize sticking points and maintain functioning of the application
  • Proactive performance: setting up automated scripts and alerts
  • Customer experience: compare, analyze and prioritize from a user perspective
  • Digital business: provide business teams with access to relevant data and connect application metrics to business KPIs


End-to-end support

Our approach is part of an iterative, continuous improvement process. We create quarterly reports and identify the most effective ways to improve. We also offer options for set-up assistance, training, dashboard deployment and more. Contact us to find out more!

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